Tim Farron tables bill to end gay blood ban

Welcome news, and another smart use of Parliamentary procedures to gain publicity for a campaign by Tim Farron and his team:

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is submitting a bill to end the ban on men who have sex with men donating blood.

In England, Wales and Scotland, men who have sex with men are deferred from giving blood for 12 months, while in Northern Ireland a permanent ban remains in place.

Critics say the current rules do not reflect modern screening technology, and there have been shifts in other countries to systems based on individual risk…

Mr Farron told PinkNews: “The current law which bars sexually active gay men is scientifically and socially outdated, deeply and unjustly stigmatising, and urgently needs to change. In 2016 I cannot see why we can’t support an evidence based approach.” [Pink News]

Nick Osbourne
Nick Osbourne

This is a long overdue reform... it is especially credible laudable from Tim Farron, MP., a committed Christian, well as an

increasingly committed Liberal Democrat leader! As a bi-sexual Man, reading this report just now, after braving the cold

 near my house to deliver our London election leaflets!, I'm real chuffed!

 Best wishes,


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