Wikio Top Lib Dem Blogs, January 2011

Here are the Liberal Democrat entries in the top 100 political blogs as ranked by Wikio:

1 (9) Liberal Democrat Voice Down 2
2 (22) Jack of Kent Up 18
3 (48) Caron’s Musings Up 8
4 (52) Liberal England Up 5
5 (57) Lynne Featherstone Up 42
6 (59) Mark Pack Up 3
7 (62) Liberal Vision Up 11
8 (68) Mark Thompson New
9 (71) Craig Murray Down 20
10 (79) Miss S B Up 9
11 (80) Liberal Burblings Up 2
12 (81) Andrew Reeves’s Running Blog Up 4
13 (82) Peter Black Up 15
14 (84) Nick Thornsby Down 7
15 (88) Millennium Elephant Up 11

Mark Thompson returns and Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal drops out. As the new Wikio algorithm settles down, the picture for Liberal Democrat blogs also looks a little brighter. However even with Caron now also in the top 50 (much deserved), there is still a huge imbalance – 3 in the top 50, 12 in the second 50.

Under Wikio’s methodology the overall profile of blogs that tend to support a particular party or cause can become a self-reinforcing cycle because the higher a blog rates the more its links to other blogs count, so those blogs in turn come out higher and hence any links from them back to the original blog count more driving that blog higher and so on.

Mark Pack
Mark Pack

Richard: he describes himself as a Lib Dem supporter (will vote Lib Dem at the next election) on his blog and is happy to be classified as a "Lib Dem blogger" in this context - so that's why I'm going by, rather than the narrow perspective of membership being the dividing line.

Richard Gadsden
Richard Gadsden

Is Jack of Kent really a Lib Dem blog? I know that David Allen Green voted Lib Dem at the election, but AFAIK, he isn't a member.

Stephen Glenn
Stephen Glenn

Point on that Mark...it has been Stephen's Liberal Journal since June!!! Catch up at the back!!!

Stephen Glenn
Stephen Glenn

I'll be back!!! Part of the problem as well as blogging light (for apolitical reasons) has been running the blog on 2 URLs during the crossover period. When I return full time in May, you'd better all be tuned in to http://stephensliberaljournal.blogspot.com :)

Mark Pack
Mark Pack

Ah, the perils of having a template :-) Excellent news that you'll be back blogging at full strength later in the year.

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