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Ken Livingstone attacks Boris Johnson for, er…, agreeing with Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone has me a bit confused.

Hearing him attack Boris Johnson is certainly not a surprise.

But hearing him attack Boris Johnson for saying what Ken Livingstone himself said previously? That’s a bit odd, shall we say.

Compare and contrast now and then.

The now:

Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone were engulfed in a war of words today over whether Londoners are too “lazy” to find work. The Mayor claimed some young people in the capital lacked the “energy” to go out and get jobs which were instead going to immigrants. His Labour challenger Ken Livingstone immediately accused him of branding Londoners “lazy and workshy”.

And the then:

The Mayor [Ken Livingstone] has attacked Londoners who are too lazy to hold down jobs. He said many of the long-term unemployed could not be bothered to get out of bed in time.

Hilton Holloway
Hilton Holloway

Excellent, but there is a wider point here. Livingstone is from a pre-historic era when politicians could tell lies and change policies without being held to account. Today, the web means previous quotes can found in seconds. Livingstone is still failing to get this. His new policy, floated via his cheerleader Dave Hill, to control the Capital's suburban railways is the same one he was pushing for in 2004. Easily checked via Google.


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