Liberal Democrat books

15 February 2012

Been experimenting against with Pinterest today, the social network that is generating lots of buzz as the next big thing. One board I’ve created is for Liberal Democrat books, which you can take a look at here:

As you can see, Pinterest does a nice job of presenting visually interesting information in a way that is easy to browse. How much of a demand there will be for such eye-candy social networking I’m not sure, but visual appeal has been a large part of Apple’s success and isn’t to be sniffed at.

It certainly looks much nicer than aggregation of information via Facebook or Twitter. Editing your own website offers plenty of scope for presenting information in better and more flexible ways, but then that isn’t a skill many have (and plenty of people who do have it produce sites that look worse than a Pinterest board!).

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Glyn Ley
Glyn Ley

Thanks Mark. Any idea where one can buy a copy of Reinventing The State for less that £60?

Mark Pack
Mark Pack

Other than going for a second hand copy at a bit less, I don't know I'm afraid.