Dear Lord Hollick, No Shirley Williams isn’t an anti-Semitic fascist pro-Nazi

Dear Lord Hollick,

I have been wondering hard how best to phrase this message to you, especially as I would like you to read it and think about it carefully but it is also a message out of the blue from a complete stranger. It’s also a message that’s going to criticise you, so I suspect you’ll be tempted just to ignore it.

I hope you won’t, but I will therefore keep the message short and polite.

The topic is your decision to call Shirley Williams “the Coalition’s Lady Haw-Haw”.

Lord Haw-Haw was an anti-Semite, a fascist and then a broadcaster and apologist for the Nazis with rather a reputation for resorting to physical violence. He was also convicted of treason.

Yet that is the person you have decided to bracket Shirley Williams with.

Perhaps an apology and a history lesson might be in order, both from yourself and on behalf of the Labour Party frontbench in the Lords whose official Twitter account retweeted your comments?

Yours etc.

Peter Tyzack
Peter Tyzack

who is this Lord Hollick? I'd never heard of him until he made this stupid remark. Clearly he doesn't know much and is merely another example (as if we needed any more) of why the House of Lords should be reformed.


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