5 things you shouldn’t miss: infographics, clever suitcases, privacy and more

29 October 2012 , , ,

Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss.


Infographics: What the Department of Health has learnt about doing them http://bit.ly/U14znz
Includes a handy set of eight lessons learnt so far.


Privacy: Microsoft uses new IE feature to block information being passed to advertisers http://bit.ly/U15kNy
Targeted ads face an uncertain future as Microsoft defaults to tight privacy setting on latest version of Internet Explorer.


Searching: Did you know there’s an A-Z directory of Twitter users? And also one of Facebook users? http://cnet.co/U15BQz
Just like the old phone book, including silly names chosen specially to get near the start.


Data: Sharing by email becoming less common http://bit.ly/U14Y9D
Data from US websites suggests sharing stories by email is becoming less popular as people prefer newer social media instead.


Want, want, want: A suitcase that automatically follows you around  http://bit.ly/U156G1
Not as cool as a hoverboard, but close.


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