My political prediction – and I’m pretty confident about it, alas

Between now and Christmas, we won’t hear a frontbencher from any of the major parties say something along these lines:

I’m deeply disappointed with the court’s ruling today. I wish it had been different.

But I am also a strong believer in the rule of law. It’s right that we have a legal system which is independent of politicians, with judges and juries making the decisions in court, not MPs and ministers.

So the court has ruled, and I will accept its ruling, with frustration shared I know by many other people, but also with pride.

Pride that our legal system makes independent decisions.

When the courts make a decision that so many people disagree with, it is a sign of a properly independent legal system.

Any one of us might find we’re the next person to benefit from a system that judges cases on the facts and the law as it currently stands, not on the strength of public opinion or the whims of ministers.

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