Party funding: Lib Dems outraise Labour from non-trade union sources

20 November 2012 , ,

According to the latest figures for declared donations* to political parties, the Liberal Democrats have brought in more money than Labour from private donors and companies (i.e. excluding trade unions), making it 11 quarters out of the last 13 where that has been true:

  • Liberal Democrats: £454,747
  • Labour £353,455

Good work once again by all those involved in Liberal Democrat fundraising.

* i.e. donations above the threshold for reporting to the Electoral Commission.

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Glenn Yorick Robert Masson
Glenn Yorick Robert Masson

Is this something to be proud of? Wouldn't it be preferable to raise money from contributions from a larger group source (i.e. a union), rather than be reliant on a number of large donations from individuals (whose aim, implicitly or explicitly stated, is to make their voice louder in the halls of Westminster)?

Mark Pack
Mark Pack

As Neil touches on Glenn, it seems a bit strange to suggest that donations from individuals are tainted because individuals might be wanting to back a particular view and yet praise bulk trade union donations, when trade unions quite explicitly talk about wanting things in return for their money.

Neil Darby
Neil Darby

Aren't the unions also just trying to amplify their voice in Westminster...?