5 things you shouldn’t miss: cleaning up your social media, checking on Facebook Pages and more

30 November 2012 , ,

Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss.


Social media neglected in crisis management http://bit.ly/Sdhsgk
More than two out of three professionals in comms, marketing and social media admitted there is a gap in their businesses’ social media planning for responding to crisis situations.


Cleaning up your social media profiles http://bit.ly/SdgSPH
A handy 3-step guide to keeping your social media profiles neat and secure.


How is your Facebook Page performing? http://bit.ly/Sdgu3D
This free tool from PostRocket has an answer. Hope you don’t get any D grades.


Networking people at the same event: Eventbrite takes a more social turn http://bit.ly/SdgGzV
Find out how the popular ticketing tool Eventbrite is hoping to build mini-social networks based on who is at an event.


Ooops. Someone mislaid December http://bit.ly/Sdh0P3
Obviously not a fan of Christmas.


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