The most interesting sentence I’ve read about the Leveson report

1 December 2012 , , ,

It’s from Nick Clegg’s statement to Parliament after the publication of the Leveson report:

Let us not forget that of the five Press Complaints Commission chairs, three were serving parliamentarians who took a party whip.

Curious that a newspaper industry so busy telling us how politicians must not be let anywhere near their regulation is the very same newspaper industry which invited in with open arms serving politicians to chair its regulatory body.

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Anthony Dunn
Anthony Dunn

Geoff: Is that Murdoch/News International or Tory Party Central Office you are talking about... :-)

Geoff Taylor
Geoff Taylor

When 40% of the press is controlled by one organisation, self-regulation is impossible. That fact is the root cause of the illegalities & the reason Thatcher, Blair & Cameron all got too close to Murdoch. Major, Brown & Cable didn't, and they suffered the consequences. Thatcher has a lot to answer for in allowing that 40%.