Helping Nick Emmerson in Stonecot, Sutton

This morning it was off to Sutton to help Nick Emmerson and the team in the Stonecot by-election.

I knew I’d arrived in South West London Lib Dem land when I turned the corner of a street and met a team of street sweepers coming my way doing a remarkably diligent job.

And of course being Sutton, the Liberal Democrat team is tip top too – including a good canvass brief pack and script, complete with encouragement to gather email addresses from residents.

Polling day for Nick Emmerson is this Thursday. Details of how you can help are on Flock Together and the Stonecot team is also on Facebook.

Mark Pack
Mark Pack

Yup, compare the quality of street sweeping in, say, Lib Dem Sutton or Kingston with that in Labour-run Haringey and Islington and there's a huge difference in the diligence of the staff!

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