And the prize for rudest MP goes to…

From Total Politics:

David LammyI work in the next-door building to David Lammy, the ever-diligent member for Tottenham, and often end up walking in front of or behind him on the way to my office. I mentioned the other day, while having a few drinks with some other researchers, how I noticed that he barely ever says ‘thank you’ when I open the door for him. Furthermore, he hardly ever holds the door open for me. The researchers I was with agreed. In fact, we decided to offer him the title “Rudest MP 2012”.

Mickey Gocool
Mickey Gocool

We went to see Mr Lammy about a serious and urgent problem. He asked us to go away and and collate what we had presented to him in his office as evidence and spoonfeed him! Haringey Council had fabricated evidence and when we approached Mr Lammy, we were in an already desperate position over the Christmas period last year. We have other issues and we feel that we cannot get any support from Mr Lammy in anyway! I know he is busy. But I am busier I can assure you. If you are in Local Goverment or Haringey council then you need not worry about this MP bringing any action against you. I have lived in the Borough all my life, watched it go from a pleasant place with isolated incidents to a full out battlefield between the self styled gangster wannabes who can't even speak english! I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HARINGEY COUNCIL FABRICATING EVIDENCE - WILL YOU HELP ME MR LAMMY?

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