You don’t need to be in London to listen to Nick Clegg’s phone-in on LBC

16 January 2013 , ,

Nick Clegg. Photo: Dave Radcliffe. Some rights reserved by Liberal Democrats at 9am it is the second of Nick Clegg’s regular phone-in shows with Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio. Although LBC is a London radio station, last time the show included mostly callers from outside London and you don’t have to be in London to listen to it.

Digital radio: LBC is included on digital radio in large parts of England and also part of Wales. For details, see the map on LBC’s website.

Digital TV: Both Sky and Virgin include LBC in their channel offerings.

Listen online: You can listen live online to all the LBC shows via their website.

Smartphone apps: Android, Blackberry and iPhone apps are available to listen to LBC.

As to how to ask a question of Nick Clegg on the show, fill in the form here.


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