Apprenticeships starts almost double in two years

And here’s a graph to show it:

Apprenticships data

More details on the figures are over on the BIS website, including this from Vince Cable:

I am particularly pleased to see the high number of people studying engineering. We have a massive shortage of engineering skills in this country, and we need even more to support manufacturing, exports and infrastructure.”

Apprenticeships are, of course, one of the main policies the Liberal Democrats have been pushing in government.

Patrick C Smith
Patrick C Smith

The increase of Apprenticeships from 28,000 in 2009 to 521,000 in 2012 shows that almost double the numbers of young persons are learning a trade and becoming employable, with vocational skills that British Industry requires.

Mahmood Faiz
Mahmood Faiz

I, am a great fan of apprenticeships. for every £1.00 spent the economy gets back £6.00.

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