The wisdom of Liberal Democrat conference

Police officersOf course, I’ve never heard anyone rubbish policy decisions made by Liberal Democrat conference, so this is only of academic interest.

But I am an academic of sorts (Wednesday nights at City University).

Compare and contrast:

  1. The motion on the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) passed at Liberal Democrat conference last autumn, and
  2. The views of the cross-party Home Affairs Select Committee, just out.

You’ll find that pretty much everything the party called for in the autumn is now being called for by the cross-party group of MPs. Just goes to show the wisdom of conference…


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Vikki Slade
Vikki Slade

and that's the difference between us and the other two...members making our policy = what regular people think and believe. More people who are not engaged in politics need to see how we do things, I think so many more would realise that Lib Dems are the future and are the party for non political people to vote for.

Jenny Woods
Jenny Woods

Ditto draft Communications Data Bill - spring conference amendment & scrutiny panel recommendations ;-)

Sean Ash
Sean Ash

If only they learned to listen to us earlier, could have saved time and money!