Eastleigh by-election: 11 February round-up

  1. It isn’t only the Conservative media strategy that has been somewhat lacking. Someone really needs to give the Conservative online team a bit of a nudge…
  2. Innovative online campaign technique: #Eastleigh Conservative website, latest story: Jan 2012 http://pic.twitter.com/L74hhtbe
  3. Good also to see the #Eastleigh Conservative website is planning a quiet month or so http://pic.twitter.com/gJ4J7T1L
  4. And then when the Tories did get round to adding content, it was lifted straight from Wikipedia:
  5. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg headed off to the campaign trail. No showbiz-style bloated entourage for him.
  6. Topical spot of the day, Nick Clegg on train to Eastleigh… He had ticket… http://pic.twitter.com/IdA7bvWg
  7. Meanwhile, in other campaigning news…
  8. I see the Daily Mail’s @jameschappers has dubbed Maria Hutchings in #Eastleigh as
    the ‘Tory Sarah Palin’ bit.ly/155F0dC
  9. eastleigh by elex news junkies: the count will be overnight, immediately after polls close. none of this corby-like wait ’til the next morn.
  10. No new constituency polls today. However some new national polling is rather relevant:
  11. Eastleigh is looking like one of the most important by-elections for a fair few years. Here are a few other memorable ones from through the years:
  12. Here’s the official timetable for the by-election:
  13. It will all be over rather quickly. Don’t worry, there’s another one on its way just after.

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