Eastleigh by-election: 13 February round-up

  1. Once again, most of the Eastleigh by-election news seems to be dominated by candidates saying things that hand a political gift to their opponents. First up, the Labour Party.
  2. Proud to have been selected as the Labour candidate for #Eastleigh. Thank you so much for all your messages of support.
  3. Should Labour supporters vote tactically to beat the Tories? “Go for it” said John O’Farrell bit.ly/VTRyOA
  4. In answer to q from student audience about lab plans for higher ed fees o’farrell says he ‘can’t remember’ and defers to Harman.
  5. Mind you, all that means there is an upside for the Labour campaign spending time talking to people who can’t vote. At least they don’t risk losing their vote:
  6. Staff member at college labour o’farrell launch tells me only about 5 of the 35 audience are old enough to vote in coming #eastleigh by Elex
  7. On his not-being-from-Eastleigh o’farrell says he ‘doesn’t understand’ why it’s important. Says will live in constituency at weekends.
  8. Asked to name some high tech industry in Eastleigh o’farrell refuses to answer, says ‘wont play the list game’. Defence & contact lenses.
  9. On to UKIP, joining in the ‘ooops did I really say that?’ tradition:
  10. Meanwhile, over in the Lib Dem camp on the Eastleigh by-election trail:
  11. Lib dem candidate mike Thornton in sticky exchange with student at q&a who says he ‘can’t afford to go to uni’. David laws now explaining.
  12. But let’s not forget the Tories. Still trying to avoid talking to the media and to avoid answering questions about the views of their candidate, Maria Hutchings. Which is a bit tricky when you’re in the middle of a high-profile by-election.
  13. Maria Hutchings tells BBC she is a ‘straight answer’ person. Really doesn’t want to talk about abortion and her views on ten week limit.
  14. Moving on to other by-election coverage:
  15. Proud to be a candidate in #Eastleigh for #TUSC, I’ve always bn proud representing members and my community against attacks. #nofinacialgain
  16. To end, the Liberal Democrats say thank you…

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