Eastleigh by-election: 23 February – Labour aims high and is falling short

Eastleigh by-election: 23 February – Labour aims high and is falling short

Storified by Mark Pack· Sat, Feb 23 2013 10:56:37

Right, let’s start with the bravest MP spotted so far. Labour MP Tristram Hunt has well and truly stuck his neck out about how Labour needs to do really well in Eastleigh:

“Ed Miliband decided to fight to win with a high-profile candidate. John O’Farrell might be a comedian, but we are taking this by-election seriously, because if Labour is not interested in representing Eastleigh, then we have no governing project…
“This is the psychological significance of Eastleigh. It shows that the Labour party is not going to retreat to a core strategy of upping the solid Labour vote while picking off disaffected Liberal Democrats. Nor will we limit ourselves to precision strikes against a few target wards in Stevenage and Redditch.”
All of which will make a distant third or fourth place rather an embarrassment by his own standards.
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Oh look, here’s a new poll which put the Lib Dems 5% ahead and Labour slumping:
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Finally, after weeks of lagging effort, the Tory campaign seems to be picking up its levels of help:
300 Tory activists were registered at #Eastleigh campaign HQ by 10am this morning. No shortage of volunteers to deliver and canvass.Tim Montgomerie
But the Liberal Democrat helper levels are continuing to hit new heights:
And we’ve just broken through the 400 volunteer mark for the day. I’m running out of superlatives to describe the help we’ve had. #eastleighMike Thornton
All of which leaves on or two people not so happy:
@markpack One for your daily roundup of #Eastleigh I think Mark, via #MichaelFabricantMP http://pic.twitter.com/wMe9ROBsIWSimon Sharpe-Foster
(Full marks by the way for getting the Lib Dem logo right, Mr/Ms Voter. You do better than many a media outlet.)
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