Eastleigh by-election: 24 February, featuring biscuits, balloons and cake

Eastleigh by-election: 24 February, featuring biscuits, balloons and cake

Storified by Mark Pack· Sun, Feb 24 2013 12:54:24

The day started with a new poll:
++ Another new Eastleigh poll – and this time it shows the Tories in front by 4% | Stephen TallLast night brought news of a Populus poll for The Times showing the Lib Dems ahead of the Tories by 33%-28%, a Lib Dem lead of 5%. But to…
However that poll really is almost as tight as they can come:
Raw data from latest Survation Eastleigh poll: 95 ppl say Tory, 93 ppl say Lib DemMark Pack
And one thing is clear from that poll:
Mark Pack’s Photos | FacebookFacebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to ke…
So I was offer to Eastleigh again today, complete with another biscuit bar chart:
This time I got promoted to balloon monitor, and with the aid of Chris Butler was able to show Eastleigh how to look stylish with balloons:
In other photo news, I’m not sure the Tory press officer is so impressed with candidate Maria Hutchings:
Priceless – loving this pic of a Tory press officer’s response to Maria Hutchings on the campaign trail #Eastleigh http://pic.twitter.com/2ATCluaAz5Olly Grender
No wonder then that…
Tories in late push to shore up Eastleigh vote – TelegraphWith polls predicting victory for the Liberal Democrats in the seat vacated by Chris Huhne, the former energy secretary, the Tories are t…
Tories would not be surprised by Eastleigh loss, says Ken Clarke – TelegraphThe senior Conservative played down the chances of a victory, even though the Prime Minister and his Cabinet have ploughed huge efforts i…
Once again the Liberal Democrats were well ahead in the poster stakes where I was (with a few Tory and UKIP posters and not a Labour one to be seen). One thing caught my eye about the latest Liberal Democrat ones. In a departure from tradition, the local posters are sporting a national slogan. That is a sensible piece of integration which is something campaigns in other parties here and abroad have often done.
To finish, a couple of the more recent and better media profiles of the fight, including a revelation about the favourite cake with Liberal Democrat helpers.
Eastleigh: Coalition Candidates Battle It OutLet’s face facts: most by elections don’t matter. Candidates campaign, votes are counted and the result is roundly ignored by pretty much…
Eastleigh byelection: naked ambition for Lib Dems in Hampshire townIt’s all about the three Cs, said one Liberal Democrat stalwart, explaining why despite the party’s troubles the constituency of Eastleig…

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