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Chiswich Herald headline - via

Vacuum cleaners are more newsworthy than you might think

15 August 2014
Chiswick woman removes vacuum cleaner head with ease.
Lincolnshire ebola tests

It’s clearly a busy news week in Lincolnshire

13 August 2014
Ebola outbreak: Nobody tested in Lincolnshire for deadly virus
Holy Grail. Photo courtesy of Lairich Rig - some rights reserved

Pub raided by police hunting for an ancient Holy Grail relic, only for them to discover it was just an old salad bowl

10 August 2014
A village pub was raided by police hunting for an ancient Holy Grail relic, only for them to discover it was just an old salad bowl.
Julie Smith

Cllr Julie Smith’s services to journalism

8 August 2014 ,
I think the newly enobled Julie Smith (congratulations!) should become Baroness Smith of Churnalism: the typo in the press release about her appointment (giving the council she serves on as the fictional Newnham, not Cambridge) has nicely exposed who just copies and pastes press releases without checking the information or giving the source as a […]
Ed Vaizey. Photo courtesy of - some rights reserved

The ministry of data

22 July 2014
Unusually for a reshuffle move, Ed Vaizey’s new job is one for which he has plenty of relevant experience in government.
White House Press Corps after being told of attack on Pearl Harbour. Photo via

The long, slow death of the press release

14 July 2014
Despite its death often being breathlessly predicted, the good old press release is still hanging on and filling up email inboxes every day.
Twitter logo

10 top tools for getting the most out of Twitter (2014 version)

Not only can the volume of tweets be overwhelming, so too can the number of different tools offering to make your use of Twitter easier or more effective. Here then are my ten top tools, all of which are available for free, though some also have paid-for versions that are well worth getting.
Red robot

The robots are coming: first sports, now business stories written by machines

4 July 2014
Associated Press plans to use automation technology from a company called Automated Insights to produce stories about earnings reports.
Verdun graves from the First World War. Photo courtesy of - some rights reserved

Why I’ll be enjoying, but not learning from, the First World War tweets

2 July 2014 ,
The problem with that lies with the inevitable over-emphasis on what foreign journalists often call the 'kinetic stuff'.

What do you do if on the run from the police? Write to the local paper of course

29 June 2014
A fugitive criminal from Sheffield has written to The Star – to correct a ‘mistake’ police made in an appeal for information about his whereabouts.