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Two things to note about the Daily Mail’s attacks on the Lib Dems over Cyril Smith

16 April 2014 , ,
It's not really about the Lib Dems or Cyril Smith. It's about press regulation. As the last line in the latest Daily Mail editorial says, "With people like these to contend with, could there be any more powerful argument for keeping politicians’ grubby hands off the freedom of the Press?"
MORI poll on MP blog readership

Which political blogs do MPs read?

14 April 2014
From IpsosMORI - the top ten most read political blogs amongst MPs.

The power of video

9 April 2014
An Infographic Exploration of Video Engagement, April 2014 from Shutterstock

Twitter + statue = clever marketing stunt for new series of Game of Thrones

7 April 2014
A neat idea: get people to tweet #BringDownTheKing by connecting up a machine that will topple a statue of the King if enough tweets are sent.
Waterstone's bookmark

Why buy a book? To get a fictional train ticket

31 March 2014 , ,
How do you still sell physical products in a digital age? For some firms it’s no problem. Digital toilet paper after all is no substitute for the physical stuff. For many, however, it’s a big question, often forcing them into finding different ways of making money – with newspapers and music being the classic examples. […]
NHS logo

The odd maths behind the NHS fraud story

24 March 2014 ,
There’s lots of coverage in the news today about how much fraud there is the NHS, complete with Labour calling it a “scandal”. Yet poke beneath the numbers and where do they come from? A very simple calculation of what the total level of fraud would be if the NHS suffered from the same amount […]
Pakistan news story

Pakistan suspends three cops after cat eats PM’s peacock

21 March 2014
Three police officials deployed at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's farmhouse have been suspended.

Brilliant content marketing from Stanford University

21 March 2014 ,
The world’s top universities are in fierce competition with each other to attract the best students, the brightest academics and the most generous philanthropists. That’s why major scientific breakthroughs are not only cherished for their intrinsic value, but also increasingly seen as an opportunity for a university to buttress its case to those three audiences. […]
Nate Silver model for journalism

The future of news: Nate Silver’s take

20 March 2014 ,
Poster boy for statistical predictors, Nate Silver, has a new piece out explaining the vision for the future of journalism which lies behind his new site FiveThirtyEight: Our methods are not meant to replace “traditional” or conventional journalism… Still, I would never have launched FiveThirtyEight in 2008, and I would not have chosen to broaden its […]
Tolkien advertising idea for Rolex

What if JRR Tolkien had worked in advertising?

10 February 2014 , ,
Very clever stuff from Valerio Amaro, imagining the adverts JRR Tolkien would have made for major brands.