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Why I (still) read the Daily Mail

2 February 2012 , ,
Four years on, I’m still a Daily Mail reader (even if they think I’m a foreigner). Here’s an updated explanation. I once rang the Daily Mail to mildly complain about a story I had a connection with. The journalist I spoke to put me on hold while he conferred with a colleague. At least, he thought he [...]

Media left reeling in shock as its stories turn out to be true

15 January 2012
Media Blog has the story of how three newspapers are all shocked that a story they had reported turned out to be right.
Daily Express Headlines Wordle - using data from

A year of Daily Express headlines in one graphic

4 January 2012 ,
Lovely bit of compilation and analysis done over on Bibliophylax’s blog, putting together all the front page main headlines from the Daily Express for 2011. In that list they are sorted by theme, which made me wonder which words crop up most often. And so this word cloud: UPDATE: And here is a similar list […]
Christian Woolmar - Engines of War

Engines of War: how wars were won and lost on the railways by Christian Wolmar

Both military history and the railways regularly generate large numbers of publications, with even the small details of minor events often covered in copious detail by numerous different authors. Strange then that the overlap of the two, the role of railways in military history, has generated little attention and no over-arching standard history. Christian Wolmar’s […]
If you don't think goldfish should have legal protection, what about other animals?

Fantastic advice on how to write

28 December 2011
If the internet could drown, it would have already done so under posts about cute cats, dodgy affiliate marketing ‘tips’ and advice for writers. But this set of five tips is extremely good. All are, when you read them, very simple. But that’s the art of excellent advice – making achieving excellence a matter of […]
Mark Cavendish

At last, Mark Cavendish gets the recognition he deserves; no naked cycling required

22 December 2011
From Why doesn’t a triumphant British sportsman make it into the top 95 stories on Sky? via Mark Cavendish has achieved more in four years than English football team in last forty  and Mark Cavendish needs to learn to cycle naked to this: Sports Personality of the Year 2011: Mark Cavendish wins BBC award
A camel

This TV interview starts off normal…

20 December 2011
… but doesn’t carry on quite as planned. I particularly love the person rushing in to take a photo at the end: Hat-tip: James Crabtree
The Best Infographic Ever: New York murders and mountains

The best infographic ever, featuring a mountain

16 December 2011
Genius. More infographic genius here. (But of course, in case the boss is reading this, none are quite as good at the one we’ve published at work today.)
David Meerman Scott

The hypocrisy of demanding social media ROI calculations

8 December 2011 ,
Short, provocative and highly relevant – an excellent clip from David Meerman Scott about measuring the ROI of social media work: Hat-tip: Stuart Bruce
Annette Brooke

What Andrew Grice left out of his report for The Independent

7 December 2011 , , ,
Yesterday’s Indy carried a story by Andrew Grice about a “confidential” Lib Dem report from Annette Brooke MP attacking the government’s planning proposals. “Confidential” is an interesting (that’s polite speak) word to use. Because what is in the report? Well, it is actually a collection of views already expressed in public, in Parliament and recorded […]