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Mary Beard literally feeds a troll – and gives another a job reference

31 August 2014
Academic and TV historian Mary Beard has disclosed her innovative approach to dealing with her vitriolic Twitter trolls – writing them a job reference.
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97885: text messages are genuinely from Vodafone

19 August 2014
I recently received a text message from 97885, claiming to be from Vodafone and asking me to reply and take part in a survey.
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Humans Need Not Apply

19 August 2014
Watch the new fun (yet educational) video from CGP Grey, which includes a spot-on section about driverless cars and also gives a mention to the robots that are now writing news stories:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
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A film about a font: one to watch

13 August 2014 , , ,
As well as being a history of the font, it is also a gentle amble through the history of design in the twentieth-century, largely free of jargon but still giving a good flavour of the conflicting thoughts and schools.
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If developers wrote commit messages like bloggers write link bait titles…

13 August 2014
This Bug Has Driven Lots Of Coders Completely Mad. You Won't Believe How It Ended Up Being Fixed.
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Quick! Get your MP / candidate / local party on Woo Woo

8 August 2014
Are you making full use of the latest social media trend?
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Lib Dem voters keenest on driverless car; UKIP voters most hostile

7 August 2014 ,
There's a classic cylce that new automated technology goes through: from suspicious through to trusted through to so mundane it's barely thought about.

Numbers: watch this great short film by Robert Hloz

3 August 2014
Nick and Mia meets for the first time. They know nothing about each other and seem to know everything about everyone else. But sometimes the less you know, the better...
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This article will self-destruct: the rise of ephemeral messaging

16 July 2014
The rise of ephemeral messaging poses a new challenge for social media monitoring. How do you measure something that isn’t there? From the moment the first status message was shared, social media measurement has been a vexed question for those who want to judge communications work by more than just gut feel. But the latest […]

So what do they search for in Antarctica?

15 July 2014
Not penguins.