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Two other pieces of Heartbleed advice

11 April 2014
Delete accounts with services you no longer use. It is after all the best way for your password to be secure - for it not to exist.

The power of video

9 April 2014
An Infographic Exploration of Video Engagement, April 2014 from Shutterstock

Polling booth selfies all the rage in the Netherlands

23 March 2014 , ,
The Associated Press reports: Dutch citizens and politicians united on Wednesday in posting voting booth selfie photos, an increasingly popular phenomenon that could threaten the principle of the secret ballot but also encourages people to vote. Alexander Pechtold, who heads the centrist D66 party, was among the many Dutch voting in Wednesday’s local elections who […]
A modern use for old floppy disk drives thumbnail

A modern use for old floppy disk drives

27 February 2014
Hear 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' played on old floppy disk drives.
Writings on the wall - Social media - the first 2000 years by Tom Standage

Writing on the wall: Social media – the first 2,000 years by Tom Standage

21 February 2014 , , ,
Tom Standage’s book, Writing on the wall: Social media – the first 2,000 years, has at its heart one good magazine-length article about how many of the concepts we associate with social networks run over the internet have in fact been around in all sorts of forms for thousands of years. Concepts such as commenting, […]
Electronic voting in Parliament - article by Mark Pack in Ad Lib

Electronic voting in Parliament: the case against

19 February 2014 ,
Technology isn’t just about making things easier. For once something is made easier, it’s often rapidly followed by changes to make it harder in order to protect us from mistakes, misdemeanours and rushes to judgement. Hence the reminder prompts, confirmation questions, warning signs and extra security hoops we encounter all the time.
Twitter logo

The power of Twitter: Alan Sugar’s version

7 February 2014 , ,
"What I love about twitter, I have more followers that newspapers have readers. I can expose publicly the nasty tricks they get up to." - Alan Sugar
WordPress logo

Ten WordPress plugins to make your blog shine (2014 version)

4 February 2014 , , ,
Here's my selection of the best WordPress plugins to make your site effective, versatile and reliable.
How they did interactive TV in the 1990s thumbnail

How they did interactive TV in the 1990s

2 February 2014
Tom Scott reminds us how interactivity was done before the internet.
The Everything Store by Brad Stone

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon by Brad Stone

31 January 2014 , , , , ,
Grab an armful of business leadership books from your nearest bookshop and look through them for advice on how to treat staff. I doubt you’ll find any of them encouraging business leaders to humiliate their colleagues in public more frequently. Yet one of the most memorable stories in Brad Stone’s account of how Jeff Bezos […]