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This article will self-destruct: the rise of ephemeral messaging

16 July 2014
The rise of ephemeral messaging poses a new challenge for social media monitoring. How do you measure something that isn’t there? From the moment the first status message was shared, social media measurement has been a vexed question for those who want to judge communications work by more than just gut feel. But the latest […]

So what do they search for Antarctica?

15 July 2014
Not penguins.
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10 top tools for getting the most out of Twitter (2014 version)

Not only can the volume of tweets be overwhelming, so too can the number of different tools offering to make your use of Twitter easier or more effective. Here then are my ten top tools, all of which are available for free, though some also have paid-for versions that are well worth getting.
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The robots are coming: first sports, now business stories written by machines

4 July 2014
Associated Press plans to use automation technology from a company called Automated Insights to produce stories about earnings reports.
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Robots to be let loose in the wild in the UK

2 July 2014
The UK’s first official robotics strategy is calling for the establishment of real-world test sites over the next five plus years where robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) can be rigorously put through their paces.
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The unsocial web: why you should feed trolls

26 June 2014
“Don’t feed the trolls”, the advice that tells people to ignore online insults, is rarely the best policy for maintaining a positive and engaging social media platform. Shopkeepers and restaurant managers have always known that, faced with an angry customer, the best response isn’t simply to chuck them out, lock the door and ignore them. […]
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Lessons from whale watching and Ben Hammersley for event organisers

25 June 2014
The best thing about the first time I went whale watching was the whales. But the most instructive was what it showed me about my attitude towards taking photographs.

What the Internet Archive does to its staff is brilliant

21 June 2014
From Silicon Valley Watcher: The Internet Archive is housed in a wonderful San Francisco building that used to be a Christian Science church. In the pews along both sides of the large, skylight-lit auditorium, there is always a congregation: half-sized ceramic figures representing 100 “archivists” — people that contributed at least three years of service to the non-profit organization. Read […]

Drones made from chocolate

10 June 2014
The new way of building copters. No drilling, milling or cutting required anymore. And when you get hungry during flight sessions you always have something to nibble with you.
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National Archives start storing government social media output

8 May 2014
The National Archives will begin to archive tweets and You Tube videos published by UK central government departments from their official Twitter and YouTube social media platforms.