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An unexpected benefit from the Y2K IT scare

20 September 2014
The absence of actual problems when 2000 arrived is either an indication of how well the whole issue was handled or a demonstration of how much fears were exaggerated.

An electric cable in the garden, carefully disguised. What could possibly go wrong?

12 September 2014
I'm not sure the electroVine is the wisest of new product ideas, all things considered...
The perils of using too many hashtags thumbnail

The perils of using too many hashtags

11 September 2014 , ,
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life.
Transparent solar panel. Photo credit: Yimu Zhao, Michigan State University

Transparent solar panels on the way

9 September 2014
Transparent solar panels are on the way after a research breakthrough.
IKEA satirises Apple, and technology more generally thumbnail

IKEA satirises Apple, and technology more generally

7 September 2014
Experience the power of a bookbook™
US soldier clears mines in Iraq. Photo courtesy of - some rights reserved

A new way to clear mines: use plants

1 September 2014
The chemicals which leak out from mines are poisonous to some plants, so if you inspect the right plants over a suspect area, the patches of dead plants will then reveal where there are mines to be cleared.
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Mary Beard literally feeds a troll – and gives another a job reference

31 August 2014
Academic and TV historian Mary Beard has disclosed her innovative approach to dealing with her vitriolic Twitter trolls – writing them a job reference.
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97885: text messages are genuinely from Vodafone

19 August 2014
I recently received a text message from 97885, claiming to be from Vodafone and asking me to reply and take part in a survey.
Humans Need Not Apply thumbnail

Humans Need Not Apply

19 August 2014
Watch the new fun (yet educational) video from CGP Grey, which includes a spot-on section about driverless cars and also gives a mention to the robots that are now writing news stories:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
Helvetica - DVD cover

A film about a font: one to watch

13 August 2014 , , ,
As well as being a history of the font, it is also a gentle amble through the history of design in the twentieth-century, largely free of jargon but still giving a good flavour of the conflicting thoughts and schools.