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Have the Conservatives already forgotten Eastleigh?

7 May 2013
It would appear they have, judging by the reaction of many in their ranks to last week’s local elections. The calls since last Thursday from many Tories have been to tack to the right, to say nasty things about Europe and only slightly politer things about immigrants in the belief that’s a winning combination to […]
Mike Thornton

Liberal Democrat Newswire #32 is out: who were the Lib Dem winners from Eastleigh?

Edition #32 of Liberal Democrat Newswire came out last week, looking at who the winners in the party are from Mike Thornton’s Eastleigh by-election success. It’s now also available online to read here. If you would like to receive the next edition of Liberal Democrat Newswire direct to your own inbox as soon as it […]
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VIDEO: Eastleigh – Winning Here

10 March 2013 ,
Here’s the new film from the Liberal Democrats: Also on YouTube.

Who are the winners in the Liberal Democrats from Eastleigh?

5 March 2013
Find out who in the Liberal Democrats has seen their reputations and influence go up following the Eastleigh by-election victory in the next edition of my newsletter, now called the Liberal Democrat Newswire. It will be hitting email inboxes¬†tomorrow (Wednesday). Sign up for it here and make sure you don’t miss out.     ¬†
Mike Thornton, Eastleigh Liberal Democrats

Eastleigh by-election: the final round-up

Another day, another dodged hustings for Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings.
Paddy Ashdown

Eastleigh by-election: 26 February – Ashdown does micro-micro-targeting

Let's start this time with the latest poll...
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+++ New Eastleigh poll: Lib Dems 5% ahead, UKIP 3rd

25 February 2013 , ,
Time to stick my neck out and trust to my sources… There’s a new Ashcroft Easteigh poll out at midnight. Looks like it will be Lib Dem 33%, Conservative 28%, UKIP 21% and Labour 12%. That’s almost dead on the same as the last Populus poll and a shift to the Lib Dems from the […]
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Eastleigh by-election: 25 February – it’s close

An unusual start to one of these round-ups: a quote from Conservative by-election candidate Maria Hutchings which I agree with.
Mark Pack and Chris Butler with balloons

Eastleigh by-election: 24 February, featuring biscuits, balloons and cake

The day started with a new poll...
Mike Thornton

Eastleigh by-election: 23 February – Labour aims high and is falling short

Right, let's start with the bravest MP spotted so far. Labour MP Tristram Hunt has well and truly stuck his neck out about how Labour needs to do really well in Eastleigh.