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Deraa, not Abbottabad, is where the future is being shaped

2 May 2011 , , ,
The death of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad has triggered a wave of speculation about what it may mean for the future of Al-Qaeda and international terrorism. Leafing through the history of other terrorists movements, by far the most likely answer is “not much” for the death of one key individual rarely causes terrorist organisations [...]

How to defeat Al Qaeda

The cover of Bruce Riedel’s The Search for Al Qaeda shows a group of armed men working their way up a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley that stretches away to rolling hills. It captures the wonder and the tragedy of Afghanistan in one frame. The book itself is similarly crisp, packing a wide-ranging history of [...]

Does torture work?

17 December 2008 ,
At the end of last month The Washington Post ran a piece from a former US military interrogator who worked in Iraq. It addresses head-on the question of whether torture is needed to fight terrorism: I joined an elite team of interrogators attempting to locate Zarqawi. What I soon discovered about our methods astonished me. […]