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The Everything Store by Brad Stone

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the age of Amazon by Brad Stone

31 January 2014 , , , , ,
Grab an armful of business leadership books from your nearest bookshop and look through them for advice on how to treat staff. I doubt you’ll find any of them encouraging business leaders to humiliate their colleagues in public more frequently. Yet one of the most memorable stories in Brad Stone’s account of how Jeff Bezos […]
Jeff Bezos

Search optimisation before search engines existed: the case of Amazon

The names of both Amazon and Apple show how firms used to do search optimisation before the World Wide Web even existed.
Tweet sent to Amazon

Well, if Amazon can’t do the digital stuff right…

31 December 2011 ,
One tweet sent 17 days ago, no reply received, so one local charity shop will benefit: Odd though that Amazon doesn’t do Twitter for customer service (and the reason I went for Twitter is that I couldn’t navigate my way round all the options about returning faulty or damaged goods to find something to fit […]

Battle for future of books hots up as Kindle goes international

16 October 2009 , , , ,
Both Amazon and Google have unveiled major developments in their plans to dominate the future of e-books. These moves will not only see the two internet giants compete head-to-head but will also see the traditional book publishing industry and authors face the dilemma of whether to see these developments as a welcome new outlet for […]

One of the most common mistakes people in PR make

17 August 2009
David Meerman Scott has some wise advice for people in PR in his book, The New Rules for Marketing and PR: In five years, I can count on one hand the number of PR people who have commented on my blog or reached out to me as a result of a blog post or story […]

How can I remember 17596137350950820090?

24 April 2009 , ,
According to Google’s Blogger I am not a free man, I am a number. 17596137350950820090 to be precise. Given the world’s population is only a few billion, this number seems a little extreme. Or perhaps Google is cunningly scaling to allow for the future inclusion of aliens from across the solar system in Blogger? But […]