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Meet the Lib Dem bloggers: Jonathan Fryer

Welcome to the latest in our series giving the human face behind some of the blogs you can find on the Liberal Democrat Blogs aggregator. Today it is Jonathan Fryer, who blogs at 1. What’s your formative political memory? Jo Grimond came to my school during the 1964 general election, kept 400 normally fidgety [...]

Backing for electoral reform in the Scotsman and The Observer

A leader in The Scotsman / Scotland on Sunday backs a Yes vote in May’s referendum: The fact that it is AV on offer and not one of the other systems is the product of three specific factors: the offer on PR made by the last Labour government to woo the Lib Dems; the arithmetic [...]

Word of mouth election? That’s so 1997

21 March 2010 , ,
Douglas Alexander’s soundbite about wanting to make 2010 the “word of mouth” election has got a fair amount of coverage in the last few days, such as in this mostly thoughtful piece by Andrew Rawnsley. Why do I only say “mostly thoughtful”? That’s because it’s a good piece, but also displays a weakness so common in contemporary [...]

Labour and Conservatives set to abandon green policies

29 May 2008
Politics Home has an interesting survey of political opinion formers today. They were asked their views on how seriously Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats will take environmental policies in the future. Andrew Rawnsley’s write-up says: The PHI100 reckon that most of the politicians will follow the voters and downplay the environment.   Saving the […]