Read about the 2009 Liberal Democrat federal conference in Bournemouth below.

For more about Liberal Democrat conferences in general see Lib Dem conference: what you need to know.

Lib Dem Voice

Federal Executive report and constitutional amendments live blog #ldconf

Ryan’s been warned to get extra bandwidth in, and here we go with the must-see session of conference: FE report, constitutional amendments and a special bonus of election regulation amendments too.
(Most recent additions added to bottom of this post.)
It’s 5:30pm, and The Voice’s reporting team is ready to go. But inexplicably, Conference is still spending … Read the full post »

Lib Dem Voice

Tuesday will be about the applause, not the votes

Tuesday morning sees the party’s pre-manifesto document, A Fresh Start for Britain, up for debate. It’s been a regular feature of recent Liberal Democrat conferences to have high-profile votes on tax and spend issues, and with the numerous announcements in the last few days, you might have expected the debate to feature another one.
However, this … Read the full post »

Lib Dem Voice

Media news from Bournemouth – and our media at its very best

A round-up of more media coverage from conference here in Bournemouth:

Nick Clegg faces backlash over weakened pledge on university fees
Richard Dawkins condemns British libel laws
Lib Dems are a ‘radical party of power’ says Nick
Nick Clegg tries to talk his way out of trouble after call for ‘savage’ cuts
David Laws: You Ask The Questions

And finally, something … Read the full post »