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Federal Executive report and constitutional amendments live blog #ldconf

22 September 2009 , ,
Ryan’s been warned to get extra bandwidth in, and here we go with the must-see session of conference: FE report, constitutional amendments and a special bonus of election regulation amendments too. (Most recent additions added to bottom of this post.) It’s 5:30pm, and The Voice’s reporting team is ready to go. But inexplicably, Conference is still spending [...]

Conference round-up: the last 24 hours

Here are the three main lines promoted by the party from conference to the media in the last 24 hours: Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference unveils plans to increase the pay of Britain’s lowest-earning troops by £6,000, improve the condition of forces’ housing, and ensure proper medical provision for all personnel. The proposals, which would mean that no [...]

Federal Finance and Administration Committee report: live blog

21 September 2009 ,
The crowds are flooding through the doors. The good news is that they are leaving the hall … because it’s a sure sign of a party’s financial state whether people are coming or going. Bad times: people come in. Good news: people leave. The vote: motion is overwhelmingly carried. Pete Dunphy summates on the motion: points out [...]

Tuesday will be about the applause, not the votes

21 September 2009 ,
Tuesday morning sees the party’s pre-manifesto document, A Fresh Start for Britain, up for debate. It’s been a regular feature of recent Liberal Democrat conferences to have high-profile votes on tax and spend issues, and with the numerous announcements in the last few days, you might have expected the debate to feature another one. However, this [...]

Media news from Bournemouth – and our media at its very best

A round-up of more media coverage from conference here in Bournemouth: Nick Clegg faces backlash over weakened pledge on university fees Richard Dawkins condemns British libel laws Lib Dems are a ‘radical party of power’ says Nick Nick Clegg tries to talk his way out of trouble after call for ‘savage’ cuts David Laws: You Ask The Questions And finally, something [...]

Real Women policy paper debate: live blog #ldconf

With my technological fingers crossed, here we go… [Several people in the hall are also tweeting through the debate. You can keep up with their and other conference tweets through this search link. The policy paper and motion are available to read here. And yes, it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, hence this.] The votes: Amendment [...]

Conference: what to watch out for on Saturday

Running rather against the modern trend of reorganising events to suit the media, this autumn’s Liberal Democrat conference is starting and finishing a day earlier. With a Saturday start and a Wednesday finish, that means one weekday (better for media coverage) has been sacrificed for one extra weekend day (worse for media coverage, but more [...]

The Which? survival guide to conference

17 September 2009 ,
An email pings in to The Voice’s inbox to say: Which? is producing supplements for this year’s party conferences, providing people with a one-stop guide to surviving Bournemouth, Brighton and Manchester… In the build up to the next General Election, it’s important that the consumer voice is heard as each party develops its policies. All 45 million [...]