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Bryant and May and The Memory of Blood - book cover

Bryant & May and The Memory of Blood

31 July 2014 , ,
It's a sign of how enjoyable and good Christopher Fowler's Bryant & May detective series is that it got to a ninth volume, The Memory of Blood.
The Casebook of Bryant and May

The Casebook of Bryant and May – Christopher Fowler & Keith Page graphic novel

I’m a huge fan of Christopher Fowler’s Bryant and May detective novels, and not that much of a reader of graphic novels (the name given to comics for grown-ups, as I always think of it) save for Grandville, Add to that how distinctive my images of Fowler’s regular characters have become thanks to Tim Goodman’s wonderful […]
Bryant and May Off the Rails - book cover

Bryant & May Off the Rails – another great Christopher Fowler crime novel

17 January 2013 , ,
Bryant & May Off the Rails features once again Christopher Fowler’s two ageing London detectives from the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Arthur Bryant and John May. It also features two departures from the norm for this series. Normally the books are free-standing, with characters developing across the different novels but the crimes in the books isolated […]
Christopher Fowler

Bryant & May: a Christmas special short story (still good in January)

Regular readers will know I’m a regular reader* of Christopher Fowler’s excellent series featuring the detective duo Arthur Bryant and John May of London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit. I’d previously missed that a special Christmas short story featuring them was published for free online last month: ‘I’m out of ideas.’ John May, senior detective at the […]
Bryant and May On the Loose - book cover

Bryant & May On the Loose – 7th in the series by Christopher Fowler

Bryant & May On the Loose, the seventh book in Christopher Fowler’s series featuring two ageing London detectives and a host of London local history, rather reminds me of an old favourite, slightly faded, coat. All the familiar successful elements of this series that pays homage to the classic form of crime novels are here. […]
The Victoria Vanishes by Christopher Fowler - book cover

The Victoria Vanishes: Bryant & May number 6

Arthur Bryant of the Peculiar Crimes Unit witnesses a woman walk into a pub, The Victoria, who is subsequently found murdered. There is but one problem with his eye-witness testimony of some of her last moments: when he returns to the location, the pub is not there and the site has been occupied for years […]
The White Corridor by Christopher Fowler

The White Corridor: a Bryant & May mystery by Christopher Fowler

19 July 2011 , ,
Christopher Fowler’s The White Corridor is the fifth in his Bryant and May murder mystery series, set as usual with a very strong London backdrop though this time his two detectives from the Peculiar Crimes Unit, John May and Arthur Bryant, spend much of the book stuck in a snow drift in South West England. That […]
Christoper Fowler - The Water Room

In praise of Tim Goodman

I’ve never met Tim Goodman. I don’t know what he looks like. I don’t know what he does most of the time. I don’t know if that’s his real name or a professional nom de plume. I don’t even know which country he lives in. Or if he’s alive. But I do know he has […]
Ten Second Staircase by Christopher Fowler

Ten-Second Staircase: Bryant & May sparkle, if not quite at their very best

19 March 2011 , ,
Ten-Second Staircase by Christopher Fowler is another enjoyable outing for the detective pair Bryant & May, even though it does not show off his pair of detectives from the Peculiar Crimes Unit quite at their best. The book is rather heavy on characterisation – which is a joy as the characters are so rich and often funny […]
Christoper Fowler - The Water Room

The Water Room: a Bryant & May mystery by Christopher Fowler

16 February 2011 , ,
Christopher Fowler’s The Water Room is another outing for his Peculiar Crimes Unit and its detectives Arthur Bryant and John May, with London’s lost underground rivers playing a central part. As with the other titles in the series, Fowler takes the traditional – even clichéd – murder mystery framework from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, […]