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Wow, that's an amazing collection of interesting facts about the US/Canada border thumbnail

Wow, that’s an amazing collection of interesting facts about the US/Canada border

10 June 2013 ,
Canada and the United States: a set of bizarre borders tales
Stop the Conservative online spying bill

Stop the Conservative online spying bill

3 November 2012
This is the start of an email from the NDP in Canada, sent with the subject line “Stop the Conservative online spying bill”. All sounds rather familiar: The email includes a link to this online petition.
Prince of Wales fort, Hudson Bay, Canada

The world’s least successful fort?

11 August 2011 ,
Whilst recently going polar bear watching in Canada, I visited what must be a very strong contender for the world’s least successful military fort. Construction of the Prince of Wales Fort, at the mouth of the Churchill River on the Hudson Bay in Canada, started in 1731 (probably; though the plaque on it says 1733), to […]
A Winnipeg mural

Ten things to know about Winnipeg, Manitoba

15 July 2011
The Manitoba Museum is fantastic and much larger than might appear when looking at the building from street level. (I went on a 90 minute guided tour and it felt like I had only seen half of its contents.) Even for a city designed around multi-lane roads dedicated to cars, Winnipeg has very wide streets. […]

What not to say about a hung Parliament

24 April 2011 , , ,
The initial promise of Canadian Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s campaign is fading badly as polling day approaches on Canada and one of the main reasons is one very familiar to British politics. It’s the failure to have a good answer to the question, “What would you do in a hung Parliament?” As Adam Radwanski puts [...]

One Canadian online political campaigning rule unlikely to make it to the UK

14 April 2011 , ,
Canada’s CBC News reports: A politician running to lead the B.C. New Democrats says he is refusing to comply with a requirement of leadership hopefuls to hand over the passwords to their social media accounts. Nicholas Simons, an NDP MLA who’s hoping to run in the leadership race, says he’s left that information off his [...]

Will Ignatieff’s open campaigning approach work in Canada?

9 April 2011 , ,
Despite the similarity of the Canadian and British political systems – far, far more similar than the US and British ones – it’s American rather than Canadian politics that usually gets talked about for political lessons for Britain. Hence in the run up to the general election TV debates there was plenty of talk of [...]
Canadian Parliament

Lessons from Canadian politics

28 January 2011
British political commentators love looking to the US. It’s why mention “TV leader debates” and you won’t have to wait long until someone mentions the 1960 JFK versus Nixon affair but you’ll have to wait an awful long time until someone mentions the earlier 1950s pioneering effort in Sweden. Some of this US-fixation has a […]

Turning Canadian

Overseas places come and go as the fashionable one to talk about in Westminster political circles. After 1992 it was Japan, with the fourth Conservative general election victory in a row spawning comparisons with Japan and the long period of Liberal Democrat rule there. In the run up to 2005 it was the Australian state [...]

TV leaders' debates – the dos and don'ts, featuring Batman

Total Politics asked me to pen some words of advice to the party leaders ahead of tonight’s first TV debate. Here’s what I said: Dear Party Leader, The impact on campaigns of debates in other countries shows how your debate could be not only be historic but also campaign changing. Lower expectations The lower the […]