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CONNECT screenshot

Liberal Democrat CONNECT

I thought a round-up of some of my posts and other background about the party’s new electoral database software, CONNECT, would be useful as they’ve been spread out over several months. First, the origins: following the party’s 2010 general election review, it was decided to get a new electoral database with three companies tendering for […]

Nearly three years on, how does the Bones Report look?

Back in 2008 the Report of the Party Reform Commission to the Federal Executive was published, more commonly known as the Bones Report after its Chair, Chris Bones. Both the process for drawing up the report and the report itself was not without its critics at the time (e.g. see here and here) but since [...]

Live blogging: Reports of the Federal Executive and the Federal Finance and Administration Committee

Federal Executive (FE) report moved by Ros Scott – “I hope it is a sign that you are all fairly happy with the party that the room is emptying so rapidly.” Explains FE meetings always start with a session with Nick Clegg and also gets regular updates on the general and local election campaigns. Explains how [...]