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ComRes UKIP swing graph

How UKIP is damaging Labour, reprised

11 December 2013 , ,
Back in May I pointed out how May’s local elections showed UKIP hitting Labour the most, contrary to the widespread conventional wisdom. Now new data from ComRes makes a similar point. First, that local election evidence: Look how the votes have changed this year compared to last (using the BBC’s national equivalent vote share projections, […]

More party I.D. figures

27 June 2010 , , ,
A quick follow-up to my post with YouGov’s party I.D. figures as I’ve now got ComRes’s equivalent figures, these taken from its penultimate election poll: Party I.D. Labour 32.5% (YouGov), 39% (ComRes) Conservatives 28.5% (YouGov), 35% (ComRes) Lib Dem 12% (YouGov), 17% (ComRes) Measuring underlying party I.D, as opposed to current voting intention, is a [...]

Why didn’t the Liberal Democrat election result match the polls?

12 May 2010 ,
First thoughts from ComRes on why the Liberal Democrat vote share last week, although up for the third general election in a row, was much lower than the polls had been predicting: We along with many others were surprised by the eventual Lib Dem figure; but that’s not the whole story….. our Conservative Party vote [...]

Are ITV the unluckiest commissioner of opinion polls?

22 April 2010 , , , ,
In the run-up to the 2005 general election, there was some excitement as a rolling poll commissioned by ITV from Populus showed the Conservatives slipping to a result even worse than 1997. However, there was a sharp (5 point) recovery in the final pre-election day poll from Populus, which was a normal non-rolling poll. Picking over [...]

Sunday Mirror plunges to new low in poll “reporting”

11 April 2010 , ,
So, you commission a poll from ComRes. It shows a Conservative lead of 7%. Just like the previous ComRes poll. So what headline do you put on the story? Why “Tory lead cut to just 7 points” of course. Take a bow, Sunday Mirror who seems to be following in the footsteps of the Daily Mirror.

YouGov and female voters: what happened in 2009?

14 January 2010 , , , ,
Just over a year ago, I highlighted how YouGov consistently found the Conservatives relatively more popular amongst women than men compared to other pollsters: YouGov, MORI and ComRes are the three of the main polling companies who also provide a gender breakdown of party levels of support using the same methodology as for their headline voting [...]

BBC journalists are loved by … Conservative MPs

10 September 2009 , , ,
Across all the mainstream parties you’ll find MPs who mutter about the BBC’s funding setup and its editorial judgements, but most frequently those comments come from the Conservative Party’s ranks However, a newly published poll of MPs asking them to list their favourite broadcast journalists shows the BBC dominating the preferences – even of Conservative […]

What do councillors spend their time on?

7 September 2009 , ,
ComRes has recently published the results of a survey it carried out earlier this year, asking over 500 councillors in England and Wales (but not Scotland) a wide range of questions. One in particular which caught my eye was about how much time being a councillor took up, and where that time went: Councillors spend the most [...]

Reasons to doubt that Darwin poll

11 February 2009 , , , ,
Last week, an opinion poll supposedly showing relatively low levels of public belief in Darwin’s theory of evolution did the media rounds. Typical was this write-up from the Daily Telegraph: Poll reveals public doubts over Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution Belief in creationism is widespread in Britain, according to a new survey. Having heard some […]