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Brian Paddick

Brian Paddick on improving London’s policing

19 December 2011 , ,
This new short film from Brian Paddick is just out:
London buses

Bus crime in London: when down involves a lot of up

Something that regularly irritates me in the news and politics is when an average figure is reported and then someone adds, “… but in some areas it is even worse…” without ever mentioning that, averages being what averages are, that in other areas things are actually better than the average. However, on some occasions it’s […]

Tackling anti-social behaviour by training the public

15 July 2010 , ,
That’s the intriguing proposition in a pamphlet by Ben Rogers, published this week by the RSA. He starts with the case of first aid – point out how the widespread training of the public in first aid has helped supplement the core health services provided by the state – and then goes on to suggest [...]

Tackling crime: talking to and involving the public works

20 January 2010 , , ,
The Home Office has recently published a review of the research into how to improve public confidence in the police. One of their conclusions? The very community politics idea, expressed in very New Labour vocabulary, that The strategies most likely to be effective in improving confidence are initiatives aimed at increasing community engagement. Three out of [...]