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Londoners support a Mansion Tax

We very nearly got a Mansion Tax in this Parliament. It was only David Cameron's decision to over-ride George Osborne that blocked it.
Danny Alexander. Photo courtesy of the Liberal Democrats. Some rights reserved -

And finally: here’s some extra revenue in the Lib Dem policy plans

The Lib Dems say they will cut the deficit with a trio of wealth taxes, not by hitting the poor with welfare cuts.
British Museum

Free museum entry and an end to the Severn Bridge tolls: today’s manifesto tasters

Tolls on the Severn Bridge would be scrapped if the Liberal Democrats are in government after next year's general election, the party said.
Mirror front page on bedroom tax

UPDATED: Lib Dems plan major changes (aka AXE in tabloid speak) to bedroom tax

Clegg: we must axe bedroom tax
Lib Dem manifesto cover

Nick’s not for moving – but Liberal Democrat policy is

3 June 2014 , ,
Whilst the failed Oakeshott plot may have strengthened Nick Clegg’s position as party leader, it still leaves the party with some major questions over policy and strategy in the wake of the European and local elections.
Danny Alexander

There’s nothing embarrassing about employing immigrants

9 March 2014 , ,
"We've got to the stage where employing someone not born in the UK, is now considered a political scandal. Depressing."
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An intriguing answer from Nick Clegg suggests something is afoot with minimum wage

During a Q+A session at the Liberal Democrat conference in York, Nick Clegg repeated his usual support for increasing the income tax allowance to £12,500, which is what someone on the minimum wage earns in a full time job. This time, however, he slipped in an intriguing caveat. That he thought the party’s target should […]
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Liberal Democrat Newswire 42 is out: analysing the Autumn Statement

Putting the Autumn Statement, with its decisions by Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander, under the microscope – and discovering what Christmas present Simon Hughes got for party members. That’s what you got with Liberal Democrat Newswire #42 when it hit email inboxes last week. It’s now also available online to read here.  If you would […]
VIDEO: Danny Alexander wants to tax the rich, not the poor thumbnail

VIDEO: Danny Alexander wants to tax the rich, not the poor

18 September 2013 , , ,
Watch Danny Alexander's speech to the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.
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The economy motion to be debated at Lib Dem Autumn conference

Whether or not to debate the state of the economy, and if so at what length and using whose motion, has been the cause of some strife recently in the world of Liberal Democrat federal party conferences. The party’s leadership has cannily submitted its own economy motion for September’s autumn conference – recognising that trying […]