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Empty chair at Eastleigh by-election hustings for Maria Hutchings. Photo courtesy of @helenduffett

Eastleigh by-election: 21 February round-up – the Maria Hutchings show, encore

Yes, there's much more to the Eastleigh by-election than just the travails of Tory candidate Maria Hutchings...
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Was this really a good week for Eurosceptics?

25 January 2013 ,
I do wonder. Consider the following. Eurosceptics have secured a Conservative promise for a referendum on the question that is the most extreme – and also therefore the question that they are least likely to win on. (And remember that the experience of referendums around the democratic world over the years is that the status […]
The Mid-Term Review, with a surprising bonus for Lib Dems thumbnail

The Mid-Term Review, with a surprising bonus for Lib Dems

7 January 2013 , , ,
Alongside today’s launch by Nick Clegg and David Cameron of the government’s Mid-Term Review (Slimmed Down Edition) was the launch of six new policies from the government. Or rather the outlines of six new policies, as the details will each get their own day in the media sun in the next few weeks. The surprising […]
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“Two thirds back mansion tax on £1m homes”

9 October 2012 , , ,
In a boost to the Liberal Democrat campaign for fairer taxes, a new poll has found 57% of the public back a mansion tax on houses worth £1m and over.

David Cameron: the pro-Europeans’ secret weapon

Writing for the European Council on Foreign Relations, YouGov’s Peter Kellner highlights an important polling finding: In July this year, YouGov asked this question: ‘Imagine the British government under David Cameron renegotiated our relationship with Europe and said that Britain’s interests were now protected, and David Cameron recommended that Britain remain a member of the European [...]
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News snippets from the Conservative conference: tax, Europe, migration and more

Trouble ahead on tax as Osborne opposes a mansion tax: We are not going to have a mansion tax, or a new tax that is a percentage value of people’s properties. Before you rush to spot the loophole in that – what about adding extra higher bands to Council Tax? – he opposed that too. [...]

The Conservative candidate dilemma

Unsurprisingly, both the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties have decided to go ahead with selecting candidates for the 2015 general election based on the current constituency boundaries. Where does that leave the Conservatives? In rather a tricky position given David Cameron’s talk of still pressing on hoping to win the boundaries vote. All three options [...]

Lords reform, Boris Johnson and Louise Mensch: Guardian podcast

This week’s Politics Weekly podcast from The Guardian features, ahem, myself alongside Martin Kettle, Nick Cohen and Tom Clark. Lords reform, Boris Johnson’s political future and the Corby by-election (so far, dreadfully lacking in jokes about trouser presses) all feature. Nick Cohen made a particularly good provocative point about Boris Johnson – saying he’s the [...]
House of Lords. House of Lords. Parliamentary copyright images are reproduced with the permission of Parliament

Lords reform: what the failure means for the Coalition, David Cameron and Nick Clegg

First up, here’s Nick Robinson’s take on yesterday’s events followed by myself, via the BBC News Channel: Here also are Tim Montgomerie’s rather pungent views on David Cameron and my own on Nick Clegg, via Radio 4′s The World Tonight: * Mark Pack has written 101 Ways To Win An Election and produces a monthly [...]
I bet David Cameron now wishes he hadn't said this thumbnail

I bet David Cameron now wishes he hadn’t said this

David Cameron on Lords reform during the general election TV debates: Hat-tip: Nick Thornsby