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Gladstone's Budget Red Box. Photo courtesy of - some rights reserved

Need, not a magic number, should determine size of the state

19 August 2014 , ,
Ironically, one of strongest views expressed about the size of the state in The Orange Book was by Vince Cable, subsequently more usually associated with wanting more state spending during the recession but at the time of The Orange Book wishing to see a cap introduced on the level of state spending.
Tom Brake

More Tom Brakes, fewer David Laws please

11 September 2013 ,
This week has demonstrated both a good and bad example of communication (or not) with party members and helpers, courtesy of Tom Brake and David Laws. Tom’s got the communication better even though the substance he’s working with is less promising. David’s had the better case – but the he and the party haven’t been […]
Tim Farron

Tim Farron welcomes the secret court about turn

11 September 2013 , ,
Tim Farron: "And it's great to see secret courts being sorted. It was a good 'rebellion'..."
David Laws

David Laws to move conference motion proposing an end to secret courts

The Lib Dem conference in Glasgow will include a debate on the party’s manifesto themes document. It contains some very interesting details on civil liberties, which should be read in the context not only of this being the manifesto prequel but also being a document with a foreword by Nick Clegg and being moved at […]
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Liberal Democrats, goldfish and what really happened

It’s a fun barb to throw at the Liberal Democrats: the party’s policy making process is so eccentric that it once decided to ban goldfish. The barb comes in various forms and not just from outside the party. Some members too also use it argue that the party’s policy making process and/or party conference is […]
David Laws

David Laws vetoes plan to force schools to check immigrant status of pupils

23 May 2013 , ,
The Guardian reports: A proposal to require schools to check on the immigration status of their pupils has been shelved after the Liberal Democrat schools minister David Laws decided the idea would be bureaucratic and difficult to implement. In a sign of the Lib Dems’ determination to assert themselves in the coalition, Laws told the […]
David Laws

Liberal Democrat general election manifesto drafting group: members announced

In January the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee (FPC) appointed a manifesto drafting group to start work on the party's 2015 general election manifesto.

David Howarth: liberals should increase indirect taxes

21 November 2012 , , , , ,
Martin Tod recently drew my attention to a short publication from David Howarth published over the summer about levels of public spending: Spending and Growth – a response to David Laws. As the title suggests, it is primarily a response to someone else’s views on appropriate levels of public spending: Laws’ assertion that public spending [...]

Another day at conference, another education policy launched

Tax, tax and a bit more about tax: that’s been the main theme of the Liberal Democrat conference, from the slogan on badges and the banner outside the building through to the content of speeches and the main policy focus of the media coverage. When it comes to new policy announcements, however, it is education [...]
101 Ways To Win An Election on a bookshelf at Liberal Democrat conference

Now on iTunes: 101 Ways To Win An Election

25 September 2012 , , ,
It would appear I have been slipping in the book plugging department: Apparently @markpack has recently written a book. He never mentions it. He needs to learn to push himself forward. #LDconf — Ben Mathis (@binny_uk) September 24, 2012 @paddyashdown shows @markpack is still an amateur on book promotion:-) #LDConf #libertyfringe — Caron Lindsay (@caronmlindsay) […]