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Ofcom publishes draft code for internet piracy

At the end of last week the regulator Ofcom published a draft of the code to be followed for taking action against online copyright infringement following the passage of the Digital Economy Act. As Rory Cellan-Jones points out, some aspects of the draft code deal with concerns raised during the passage of the Act. In particular, [...]

YouTube publishes party leader video responses

Until earlier this week it would have seemed a good idea to use the day before the final party leaders’ debate to launch the leaders’ answers to YouTube’s Digital Debate questions. Gordon Brown, a live mike and the word “bigot” rather buried the whole story which is a shame as the questions and answers explore [...]

Clegg commits to Digital Economy Act repeals

16 April 2010 , ,
Doing the rounds of online news today has been Nick Clegg’s opposition to the Digital Economy Act: Lib Dems will call for repeal of Digital Economy Act Nick Clegg outlines fears over controversial new laws The phrase “repeal the Digital Economy Act/Bill” has become a bit of a shorthand, often being used to mean “repeal the controversial bits” [...]

Digital Economy Bill: the key decision to be made after the election #debill

10 April 2010 , ,
Although Labour, with Conservative support, managed to ram through the Digital Economy Bill, that’s not quite the end of the matter as far as votes in Parliament are concerned. That’s because one concession the Liberal Democrats did manage to extract was the provision that no ‘technical measures’ (i.e. cutting off people’s internet connections) can be introduced [...]

If you ram through a law about illegal copying online…

… the last you thing you want is to be caught red-handed indulging in a bit of, er…, illegal copying online. Step forward and take a bow: the Labour Party (front bench voted for the Digital Economy Bill) Followed by a bow please from the Conservative Party (front bench voted for the Digital Economy Bill) For as The [...]

Ben Goldacre's verdict on the Digital Economy Bill #debill

Via Twitter, Ben Goldacre says: Cldnt vote Lab or Con now. #DEBill isn’t the most important issue, but like magic beans, its a revealing indicator Well Ben, given The Guardian’s report of the debate perhaps I can make a suggestion about who to vote for… Weirdly, it’s the Lib Dems who are being the opposition in […]

What happens in wash up – and what will happen to the Digital Economy Bill?

6 April 2010 , , ,
The concept of “wash up” has become subject of greater attention just before the last few general elections, but it’s not nearly as special as descriptions make it sound. What happens is that just before Parliament is dissolved for a general election various pieces of legislation are rushed through rather than be lost and have [...]

Will the Tories back Labour’s plan that could land us with a £300m bill?

3 April 2010 ,
The ISP Talk Talk (over whose connection I’m writing this) has made an extremely good point about the Digital Economy Bill, which is set to be debated extremely briefly in the House of Commons during the week: Clause 14 of the bill demands that customers take “reasonable steps” to prevent their network from being used by [...]

Daily View 2×2: Jenga special

It’s Sunday. It’s 9am. It’s time for jenga, but first the news. 2 Must-Read Blog Posts What are other Liberal Democrat bloggers saying? Here are two posts that have caught the eye from the Liberal Democrat Blogs aggregator: A failure of scrutiny on digital bill: Peter Black blogs about the letter signed by, amongst others, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary [...]

'Freedom, creativity and the internet'- Lib Dem conference passes motion

14 March 2010 ,
After an excellent debate at Liberal Democrat conference this morning, the motion on ‘Freedom, creativity and the internet’ was passed. You can read the full text here, but key points included: Conference supports a)the principle of net neutrality, through which all content, sites and platforms are treated equally by user access networks participating in the […]