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VIDEO: Conference speech on energy by Ed Davey thumbnail

VIDEO: Conference speech on energy by Ed Davey

16 September 2013 , ,
Here’s the new film from the Liberal Democrats: Also on YouTube.
Ed Davey

Ed Davey back on Twitter – @EdwardDaveyMP

14 February 2013 , ,
Cabinet member and MP for Kingston Ed Davey has been on Twitter for a while at @eddaveykands. However that account’s last tweet was back in 2010. He’s now started up again with a new account – @EdwardDaveyMP. The first two tweets look promising: a mix of constituency and Lib Dem news. Let’s see what the […]

Letter from the Leader: We need to think big

Another week, another email from Nick Clegg. Last week, having received the third email in this series once again on a Sunday, I asked: Sunday. Really? The timing of these emails doesn’t fit what I know about the email reading habits of Liberal Democrat members, which would suggest this is far from the best time […]
Conference news snippets: economy, mansion tax, Dilnot reforms, business bank and Green Deal thumbnail

Conference news snippets: economy, mansion tax, Dilnot reforms, business bank and Green Deal

In the key economy debate this morning, conference has backed the party’s approach to tackling the deficit: Overwhelming majority against F23 amendment 1, which sort to change party’s policy on tackling deficit #ldconf — Mark Pack (@markpack) September 24, 2012 F23 Results: Amendment 1 rejected, Amendment 2 carried, motion as amended carried #ldconf — Lib [...]

Conference preview: Saturday and Sunday

This year, the Liberal Democrat autumn conference has one day per theme, covering jobs, education, environment and tax. Saturday is education day, with David Laws giving a keynote speech. For many party members he is more respected than trusted; recognised for his skills yet leaving people uneasy over quite what a David Laws manifesto would [...]
Norman Baker

MP conference fringe league table 2012: Norman Baker is the new Simon Hughes, but he’s no Vince Cable

Back for its fourth year (see 2009, 2010 and 2011) is my conference fringe meeting league table, showing how many fringes each MP will be speaking at. As ever, this is based on the information from the official fringe listings in the printed conference directory. With the reshuffle, I expect a fair number of fringe organisers are reshuffling [...]
Lib Dem manifesto cover

The Lib Dem political plan for the next year

The Queen inspires more terror than George Osborne. That is the tempting conclusion to be drawn from comparing the Queen’s Speech (volume of advanced leaks: low) with the Budget (volume of advanced leaks: high). After all, Osborne can tax you but the Queen has the Tower of London… Combined, however, they tried to set the […]
Nick Clegg - Resolution Foundation. Photo courtesy of Cabinet Office, some right reserved.

Double move forward on employee involvement by Lib Dem ministers

4 July 2012 , , ,
From the BBC: More employees should be “in the driving seat” and own a share of the company they work for, the deputy prime minister has said. Speaking at a government summit, Nick Clegg urged a “culture shift” to help more people become their own boss. The government is to set up a new body […]
Sutton Lib Dem raffle tickets

Shock! Horror! Sutton do something different with a Lib Dem raffle!

24 June 2012 , ,
Saturday was once again the Sutton Liberal Democrats excellent summer party, complete with – of course – a raffle. But a raffle with a difference and one that has until now escaped my list of tips for a good Liberal Democrat raffle. The neat idea they had was a very simple one: write the name […]

Lib Dems win battle over green regulations

21 March 2012 , , ,
The Daily Telegraph reports: Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, said he would not scrap or water down the Climate Change Act, after a year-long review into reducing bureaucracy surrounding environmental laws. The Act underpins all of the Government’s policies on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, from support for wind farms to higher road taxes […]