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Confirmed: Rwandans to get the vote from 10 March

The decision taken last year to let Rwanda join the Commonwealth means that Rwandan citizens living in the UK acquire the right to vote, including in Parliamentary elections. This change will (thanks to an amendment to the British Nationality Act 1981, adding Rwanda to the list of Commonwealth countries) will come in to force for elections from 10 March.

How to register to vote

Electoral registration is run by local councils, so in order to get on the electoral register you need to fill in a form and return it to your local council. Filling in other paperwork, such as to do with paying Council Tax or getting a driving license, will not add you to the electoral register […]

Labour Party under fire for breaking Code of Conduct on postal voting

The Electoral Commission's report into the November 2009 Parliamentary by-election in Glasgow North East has condemned the Labour Party for breaking the Code of Conduct on postal voting, saying the party repeatedly failed to process postal vote forms promptly.

Peter Watt’s Inside Out: book review

When I sat down to read Peter Watt’s memoirs, Inside Out, I was curious to find the answer to two questions. First, I’d met him regularly at Electoral Commission meetings before he became Labour’s General Secretary and he always struck me as a bright, enthusiastic – and young – person. When he was appointed General Secretary [...]

Strong public support for electoral reform, weekend voting and fixed term Parliaments in new poll

The public overwhelmingly backs major  changes to the way our electoral system is run according to a new poll commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. Just under two-thirds of people (65%) agree that, “This country should adopt a new voting system that would give parties seats in Parliament in proportion to their share of votes” [...]

Public left confused as wrong people sent information about registering to vote

Mailings intended to tell people who have recently moved how to get on the electoral register have mistakenly been going out to people who have not moved in years.

Jenny Watson warns Friday Returning Officers to get it right

1 February 2010 ,
Speaking to the conference of the Association of Electoral Administrators, the Electoral Commission's Jenny Watson warned those planning to hold general election counts on Friday rather than Thursday night that they will face criticism if their counts are delayed but not run efficiently.

“Reasonable to assume” BNP’s accounts break the law

19 January 2010 , , ,
The Electoral Commission has decided it is "reasonable to assume" the BNP's latest financial accounts break the law.

What do the latest electoral fraud figures reveal?

15 January 2010 , ,
The Electoral Commission and police have just published a report into the allegations of electoral practice held in June 2009. What does the latest one show about the state of our electoral system?

How accurate are Britain’s electoral registers?

The electoral register is the definitive record of who can or can't vote in a particular election. Missing people means people aren't able to exercise their democratic rights. Erroneous entries open up possibilities for fraud and for people who shouldn't vote getting to cast a ballot. Statistics derived from the register are widely used to inform and shape other decisions. So having accurate registers is important.