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Electoral Commission imposes voting limits to avoid repeat of polling station queues

A limit on the maximum number of people eligible to vote at a polling station has been imposed by the Electoral Commission under the powers given to its Chief Executive, Jenny Watson, to run the AV referendum in May. Under the law for referendums, Jenny Watson is the Chief Counting Officer and thereby able to [...]

UNISON still hasn’t properly completed its general election expense return

15 March 2011 , ,
UNISON has now submitted its spending declaration several months late, but in a quirky twist of the law has not yet been fined - because its return is still missing the signature of the 'responsible person'.

Who gets a postal vote in the AV referendum?

Any voter can apply for a postal (or proxy) vote in the usual way for May’s elections, including the AV referendum. However, people who have previously applied for a permanent postal vote may also be entitled to one without having to re-apply. There are three categories: 1. People who have a permanent postal vote for [...]

Review of London elections calls for changes in law ahead of 2012

The London Assembly has called for changes in the law ahead of the 2012 London Mayor and Assembly elections, following a review of the lessons from last year’s council and general election in London. Two issues are likely to meet widespread support, namely the problems of voters being intimidated and people being left still queuing [...]

National election expenditure dropped, as 3% of candidates broke law

2 March 2011 , ,
The Electoral Commission has published its review of expenditure at the 2010 general election, finding that national spending by parties dropped sharply from its 2005 peak, though it was still above 2001 levels.

Havering Council changes its rolling electoral registration policy, again

Havering Council's controversial policy of rejecting electoral registration applications made on forms supplied via the Electoral Commission's website came under scrutiny last year and has now been further amended.

What the Welsh referendum is about: the official version

3 February 2011 , , ,
Here’s the official booklet from the Electoral Commission explaining what next month’s Welsh referendum is about and which is being sent to every household in Wales: Wales Referendum – booklet from the Electoral Commission The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a Yes vote, with Kirsty Williams saying, In March, the people of Wales will have [...]

E-voting: why it was abandoned in the UK

Back in the early years of this century, the UK was at the forefront of testing out e-voting for public elections. An extensive series of pilots were held and then … e-voting fell out of favour, because the pilots were not a success for a wide range of reasons. The issue still keeps on popping [...]

What does the Zac Goldsmith case mean for election expense controls in future?

4 January 2011 , , ,
It’s always tempting to view the verdict of investigations through a partisan filter – if ‘your side’ does not get punished, it’s a great result by a wise team of investigators; if on the other hand it does get punished, it’s a muddle-headed verdict from dangerously ignorant investigators, whether that means the police, the courts [...]

Electoral Commission decides not to refer Zac Goldsmith’s expenses to the police

23 December 2010 , ,
Yesterday the Electoral Commission decided not to refer Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith's election expenses to the police for further investigation. Though this brings to an end official inquiries into whether Zac Goldsmith had kept within election law, the details of the Electoral Commission's rulings leave several questions about Goldsmith's expenses unanswered and also suggest that in future spending under the limit during the long campaign may be seen as a defence for breaking the short campaign limit.