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Electoral Commission to investigate Zac Goldsmith’s election expenses

21 July 2010 , ,
Having reviewed a complaint made about Zac Goldsmith's election expenses (the ones that didn't feature in that TV spat), the Electoral Commission has decided there's a strong enough case to warrant investigation by them.

Zac Goldsmith and election law: what doesn’t count towards your limit?

17 July 2010 , ,
The allegations made against Zac Goldsmith highlight three areas of electoral law where the law leaves considerable latitude for interpretation and where the usual clarity that comes from an accumulation of case law is missing because of the paucity of cases that have considered the issues.

Parliament debates electoral administration

On Wednesday last week Parliament had a Westminster Hall debate on the subject of electoral administration, triggered by Meg Munn, the Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley. Sheffield was one of the areas particularly badly affected by the problems with people queuing to vote at 10pm on polling day, and it was this issue which dominated [...]

UKIP donations case set for Supreme Court

12 June 2010 , , ,
The United Kingdom Indpendence Party’s dispute with the Electoral Commission over its refusal to forfeit more than £350,000 of impermissable donations has this week escalated to the Supreme Court.

What standards should Counting Officers have to meet?

22 May 2010 ,
The Electoral Commission is currently consulting on its draft performance standards for Counting Officers in Great Britain, which will supplement the existing standards for Electoral Registration Officers and Returning Officers. There are, however, some weaknesses in the current draft.

It’s administrative blunders, not fraud, which should worry us most

The problems with electoral administration ranged far wider than those which caught the headlines. Perhaps the weirdest came in one polling station in Burnley where the caretaker was getting everyone turning up to vote to sign in and out of the building "for health and safety" reasons.

Police asked to investigate Young Britons’ Foundation

The leafleting and press advertising campaign against a hung Parliament by the Young Britons’ Foundation has run into a mini-blizzard of legal queries and complaints Given at least one newspaper advertisement today and how widespread the leafleting campaign has been (as partly documented by Paul Walters), including several reports that at least some of the leafleting [...]

Electoral Commission responds to misreporting of donation figures

25 April 2010 ,
Welcome news from the Electoral Commission who have agreed to make their reports of donations to parties clearer following widespread media misreporting.

Still time for stranded travellers to apply for a proxy vote

25 April 2010 ,
Stuck in the wrong place due to the air travel disruptions? There is still time to apply for a proxy vote as the Electoral Commission explains: Voting by proxy means appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf. To apply, go to and print off the application form, sign it and send it back to [...]

Havering Council flirts with breaking election law

Until yesterday, Havering Council was telling residents that it would reject any rolling registration applications that were not made on the council's own form - despite the fact that such rejections would be a breach of the law. In a bizarre twist, it also meant that Havering Council was telling people who had filled in an electoral registration form via the Electoral Commission's heavily advertised website,, that those applications were invalid.