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UNISON to be fined for failing to declare election expenditure

3 December 2010 , , ,
The Electoral Commission has fined one organisation and is set to also fine UNISON for failures to submit election expense returns on time.

Another election candidate faces court over alleged false statements

A defeated candidate from the May 2010 general election is facing court action following claims he made false statements during the election.

West Midlands to get an extra MEP

Back in July we reported how Britain was set to gain an extra Member of the European Parliament following the Lisbon Treaty. The Electoral Commission has now crunched the numbers using the same rules as previously to allocate MEPs to the different Euro-constituencies and it is West Midlands which comes out with an extra MEP.

Good news as Electoral Commission decides to preserve local donation records

28 September 2010 , , ,
The Electoral Commission is plugging a gap in the record of political donations following a decision to change its policy on retaining copies of constituency candidate expense returns.

First four ‘political’ Electoral Commissioners appointed

Former Conservative MP Angela Browning, former Liberal Democrat MP David Howarth, former SNP MP and MSP George Reid and ex-Labour HQ staffer Roy Kennedy have been appointed as Electoral Commissioners by Parliament.

Conservatives forfeit £101,500 in donations

Two illegal donations totalling £101,500 dating back to 2004 and 2006 have been forfeited by the Conservative Party.

By slimmest of margins Supreme Court overturns UKIP donations ruling

15 August 2010 , , ,
A quick update on our previous coverage of the court case over more than £350,000 of impermissible donations accepted by UKIP. Last month the Supreme Court ruled in UKIP's favour, reducing the amount UKIP has to repay to just under £15,000.

How the central finances of parties have been panning out

The following three graphs are from the Electoral Commission and show income and expenditure for the three main political parties as reflected in their annual accounts. There are some important exceptions to what they show, such as the money brought in and spent directly by election candidates, though from what I know of these exceptions [...]

Electoral Commission to investigate Zac Goldsmith’s election expenses

21 July 2010 , ,
Having reviewed a complaint made about Zac Goldsmith's election expenses (the ones that didn't feature in that TV spat), the Electoral Commission has decided there's a strong enough case to warrant investigation by them.

Zac Goldsmith and election law: what doesn’t count towards your limit?

17 July 2010 , ,
The allegations made against Zac Goldsmith highlight three areas of electoral law where the law leaves considerable latitude for interpretation and where the usual clarity that comes from an accumulation of case law is missing because of the paucity of cases that have considered the issues.