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What the Welsh referendum is about: the official version

3 February 2011 , , ,
Here’s the official booklet from the Electoral Commission explaining what next month’s Welsh referendum is about and which is being sent to every household in Wales: Wales Referendum – booklet from the Electoral Commission The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a Yes vote, with Kirsty Williams saying, In March, the people of Wales will have [...]

E-voting: why it was abandoned in the UK

Back in the early years of this century, the UK was at the forefront of testing out e-voting for public elections. An extensive series of pilots were held and then … e-voting fell out of favour, because the pilots were not a success for a wide range of reasons. The issue still keeps on popping [...]

What does the Zac Goldsmith case mean for election expense controls in future?

4 January 2011 , , ,
It’s always tempting to view the verdict of investigations through a partisan filter – if ‘your side’ does not get punished, it’s a great result by a wise team of investigators; if on the other hand it does get punished, it’s a muddle-headed verdict from dangerously ignorant investigators, whether that means the police, the courts [...]

Electoral Commission decides not to refer Zac Goldsmith’s expenses to the police

23 December 2010 , ,
Yesterday the Electoral Commission decided not to refer Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith's election expenses to the police for further investigation. Though this brings to an end official inquiries into whether Zac Goldsmith had kept within election law, the details of the Electoral Commission's rulings leave several questions about Goldsmith's expenses unanswered and also suggest that in future spending under the limit during the long campaign may be seen as a defence for breaking the short campaign limit.

Marked registers lost, votes counted up wrongly – but Returning Officer judged to have met performance standards

One-third of (Acting) Returning Officers assess their own performance wrongly whilst despite lost electoral registers and wrong counting of votes the Wolverhampton Returning Officer was judged acceptable on all but the public information criteria.

AV referendum: all households to be sent a booklet explaining the vote

Details of how the Electoral Commission proposes to administer next May's referendum on the voting system (provided it passes Parliament) have emerged in a series of circulars issued by the Commission last week.

UNISON to be fined for failing to declare election expenditure

3 December 2010 , , ,
The Electoral Commission has fined one organisation and is set to also fine UNISON for failures to submit election expense returns on time.

Another election candidate faces court over alleged false statements

A defeated candidate from the May 2010 general election is facing court action following claims he made false statements during the election.

West Midlands to get an extra MEP

Back in July we reported how Britain was set to gain an extra Member of the European Parliament following the Lisbon Treaty. The Electoral Commission has now crunched the numbers using the same rules as previously to allocate MEPs to the different Euro-constituencies and it is West Midlands which comes out with an extra MEP.

Good news as Electoral Commission decides to preserve local donation records

28 September 2010 , , ,
The Electoral Commission is plugging a gap in the record of political donations following a decision to change its policy on retaining copies of constituency candidate expense returns.