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Communities United Party: still a mystery

The reality of their legal action is rather unappealing: regularly having their cases thrown out and being so vexatious as to get bared from filing further legal action without special permission.
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Some interesting parties standing in the 2014 London Euro elections

26 April 2014 , ,
The list includes the 4 Freedoms Party - the latest attempt at a pro-European Conservative Party, including sometime Liberal Democrat Dirk Hazell
London MEPs - voting record

Who turns up to vote in the European Parliament?

14 April 2014
Here's the voting record of London's Euro-MPs.
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Italian change delays British Euro-elections by 1 hour

News just in from Italy (via the Electoral Commission) is that voting there on the Sunday will now finish one hour later than planned, at 10pm UK time rather than 9pm.
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#HappyVoting: how many can you name?

Wisely, unlike an earlier music video made to encourage people to vote, this one for the forthcoming European elections does not feature me dancing.
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Lib Dems are the hardest-working British party in Brussels – and UKIP the worst

7 June 2013 , , ,
The Mirror reports: The pro-Europe Lib Dems are the hardest-working British party in Brussels — attending 87% of votes. The Greens come in next on 84.8%, Labour third on 82.7%, and the Tories second from bottom with an 80.4% attendance record. However, UKIP has been branded Europe’s laziest party after figures revealed its MEPs top […]
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UKIP MEPs vote against tackling tax evasion

23 May 2013 , ,
Interesting vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday about tackling tax fraud, tax evasion and tax havens. The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour (582-35), with all the Lib Dem MEPs in the 582. And in amongst the 35? All the UKIP MEPs. (For the full background to the vote, see the committee report here.) […]
Consultation kicks off on moving 2014 local elections to be same day as Euro elections - Mark Pack

Consultation kicks off on moving 2014 local elections to be same day as Euro elections

We already know the 2014 European elections are likely to be moved to late May, and now the government has started consulting on delaying the planned early May 2014 local elections to be on the same day as the European Parliament elections. That has become the pattern in recent cycles with the local elections in […]
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Plans advance to change date of next European Parliament elections

The Permanent Representatives Committee has endorsed a draft Council decision bringing forward the period of the next European Parliament's elections.
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Someone isn’t very keen on Nigel Farage

21 November 2012 , ,
Guy Verhofstadt MEP likes waving hands, doesn’t like Nigel Farage: