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5 things you shouldn’t miss: viral content, future of books, Facebook’s all-seeing eye, alarm clocks and football

5 July 2012
Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss.   What makes online content go viral? A detailed study of how stories on the New York Times website perform – and why anger is better than saddness. Unbound: a Kickstarter for books Would-be […]
Hello, we're a pair of lovely cookies. We're not nasty at all. We're tasty.

5 things you shouldn’t miss: cookies, share prices, smart phones and more

30 May 2012 , , ,
Welcome to the latest of my monthly collections for the Engine Group of five links that you shouldn’t miss. Last mintue change to cookie law advice Just before the deadline for implementing new cookie rules for websites the Information Commissioner’s Office has changed its advice, introducing a more relaxed view of ‘implied consent’: “implied […]
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12 Most Downright Useful Digital Tools for PR

3 April 2012 , , , , , , , ,
It has long become a cliché that social media is changing public relations, but which are the key tools you need to know to turn yourself from bumbling amateur into result-drive superstar? 1. Google Analytics The standard tool for website statistics, Google Analytics is free, reliable and (mostly) easy to use. Advanced ecommerce sites can benefit from […]
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Campaign Corner: How can I best use Facebook?

5 March 2012 , , ,
Around half the UK's population is on Facebook, so if you're wondering what to spend time on campaigning online, then Facebook is a very good choice (perhaps these days it is second only to email). Three pieces of advice then, as is traditional.
Facebook screenshot. Picture credit: Gauldo, Flickr

Is Facebook defriending on the rise? Don’t believe the Pew Facebook myth

28 February 2012
Imagine if 10% of Facebook users defriended five of their friends on the social network each year. Both numbers static year after year. I suspect most people would describe that as defriending levels staying static on Facebook. Take it one step further. Imagine that it isn’t 10% and five people, but each number going down […]
New Facebook status options

They're a bit gloomy over at Facebook, aren't they?

23 September 2011
New status update options in the latest Facebook design:
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5 things you shouldn’t miss: mobile phone usage, finding out more about your loves, clever hotels and more

1 September 2011
Welcome to the latest in our monthly collection of five weblinks that you shouldn’t miss. How and when we use our mobile phones How does mobile phone use vary between services, through the day and across countries? Find out with this nifty little graphical tool from TNS. What do you love? Google wants to tell […]
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Google+: its prospects and likely implications for PR

29 June 2011 , ,
With a relatively low-key blog post, Google has announced details of its long-talked about new foray into social networking – Google+. Google’s hit rate with its new projects is fairly low. It knows that if it tries out enough new ideas, the occasional one will be the sort of success that more than makes up […]
Facebook screenshot. Picture credit: Gauldo, Flickr

Is the problem with Facebook deleting too much or too little?

4 June 2011 , , ,
Facebook’s habit of deleting profiles or pages which don’t fit with its rules was in the news recently when over 50 British political accounts were deleted. I’m with Jon Worth on that story – which is that all the accounts in question were breaking Facebook’s own stated rules so a significant part of the responsibility […]

Facebook commenting: right, what's it like then?

27 April 2011 , ,
Just coming to the end of the latest round of changes on this site. You’ll notice a lot more Facebook integration, both in the right hand column and in the footer, alongside some tidying up of the design and smaller improvements here and there. But the other big functional changing is trying out moving over […]