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What’s the next next big thing in social media?

15 August 2009 , , , , ,
First social media was the next big thing. And we’ve got Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the crowd, with large and fast growing numbers of users. Then linking together your social media activity across different sites was the next big thing. And we’ve got repeated options to post content to more than one place, […]

Facebook's challenge to Google: as predicted

11 August 2009 , ,
A brief piece of trumpet blowing, if you’ll excuse me. The BBC and others are running stories today about how Facebook’s take over of FriendFeed is making it into a serious challenger to Google. And a quick rustle through the archives on this site gives this from earlier in the year: A bigger risk, though, […]

Check who you've given rights to poke around your data

6 August 2009 , , ,
Prompted by a tweet from Owen Blacker (@owenblacker) about his Twitter settings, I’ve taken a look at what external applications I’ve let access my Twitter, Facebook and Flickr data. Put like that, this sounds like a boring techie configuration question, but it really amounts to, “Who’ve I given rights to poke around my personal data?” […]

Facebook: big but poor

26 June 2009
It’s become almost a cliché to illustrate the reach of social media by comparing Facebook’s number of active users with the population of different countries. The comparison certainly looks striking. Facebook has “more than 200 million active users“. If it were a country would make it the fifth biggest in the world, ahead of Brazil […]

Using Facebook Connect for political campaign sites

14 June 2009 ,
Interesting news from the New York Times on Mike Bloomberg’s use of Facebook Connect: Supporters can join the mayor’s social network “Mike Bloomberg NYC Community” with their Facebook user name and password and choose to broadcast their activities there back to their friends on the social network. Mr. Bloomberg, who is running for a third […]

The most important thing you need to do on Facebook this weekend

10 June 2009
Sensible Facebook web addresses are coming – but on a first come, first served basis. So you may have to move quickly to ensure you don’t miss out. Especially if you are John or Jane Smith. At the moment, your Facebook profile’s web address will be something like, though the public version of it (findable […]

How to make the most of Facebook, part 2

7 June 2009 ,
June’s edition of Total Politics carries the second part of a two part series from me about how people in politics can get the most out of Facebook. In the May edition of Total Politics, I went through some of the steps to get started with using Facebook, including getting your privacy settings right and pulling [...]

A Conservative, a Facebook profile, an expulsion

From the Sunday Mirror: A Tory activist has been expelled from the party for posting a picture of himself with a Hitler moustache on Facebook … And beside it, in the “My Favourite Quotes” section, he allegedly made racist and sexist comments, including one saying: “I don’t hate everyone, I just hate women … A spokesman said: [...]

How to make the most of Facebook

1 May 2009 ,
May’s edition of Total Politics carries part one of a two part series from me about how people in politics can get the most out of Facebook. Liberal Democrat Voice has covered many aspects of Facebook in the past, including tips for keeping on top of your notifications and Steve Webb’s innovative Facebook surgery, but what [...]

Statebook: Labour’s big brother policies meet Facebook

10 April 2009 ,
Now, this is an excellent site illustrating what Labour’s desire to keep tabs on us all amounts to in practice.