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Lib Dem manifesto cover

The Lib Dem political plan for the next year

The Queen inspires more terror than George Osborne. That is the tempting conclusion to be drawn from comparing the Queen’s Speech (volume of advanced leaks: low) with the Budget (volume of advanced leaks: high). After all, Osborne can tax you but the Queen has the Tower of London… Combined, however, they tried to set the […]

Opening up data: the experience with election data

30 June 2010 ,
A review has just been published into the ‘Open Election Data’ project, which was an attempt to make local election results available from councils in a format which would allow others to collate, republish, analyse or otherwise use the data. (At the moment the data is often put online in very inaccessible and inconsistent ways [...]

Is Google coming to Government?

12 November 2009 , , , ,
Public Servant magazine has run a piece from me titled, “Is Google coming to government?” Here’s what I wrote: A smart public sector decision maker needs to understand not only that that people now expect information to be available online but also that by putting it there it can spark a whole new set of […]

The thing David Cameron wants you to forget when watching his election broadcast

Today’s election broadcast from the Conservatives simply features David Cameron talking to camera about MPs and their expense claims. The message is meant to be about him facing up to the problems and talking frankly about them. But listen to his language: I want to start by saying sorry … sorry for the actions of some Conservative [...]

The puzzle of Francis Maude’s email address

22 March 2009 ,
Conservative MP Francis Maude today criticised Gordon Brown for not having an email address on the 10 Downing Stret website: “Gordon Brown is spending taxpayers’ money on the latest digital gimmicks, from Twitter to Flickr, but can’t be bothered to give out a simple email address”. Fair enough. But you’d have thought he would give out [...]