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5 things you shouldn’t miss: controlling YouTube with your head, finding out who loves you on Google+ and more

2 August 2011 , ,
Welcome to the ninth in our monthly collection of five weblinks that you shouldn’t miss, put together by the Digital Leadership Group. Use your head to control YouTube Hugo Boss has developed an intriguing YouTube film, which is controlled by your head movements (as detected via a webcam). Tilt your head left or right and […]
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Google+: its prospects and likely implications for PR

29 June 2011 , ,
With a relatively low-key blog post, Google has announced details of its long-talked about new foray into social networking – Google+. Google’s hit rate with its new projects is fairly low. It knows that if it tries out enough new ideas, the occasional one will be the sort of success that more than makes up […]

Google data helps predict future course of economy

17 June 2011 ,
The Belfast Telegraph reports: Researchers at the Bank of England have discovered that internet searches for specific related terms are a powerful predictive tool for seeing where unemployment and house prices will go in the future. Taking search terms such as “estate agent”, “mortgage”, “unemployed” and “jobseekers allowance” and comparing their frequency over a period […]
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Google's official guidance on building high-quality websites

11 May 2011 ,
There’s a very useful post over on Google’s Webmaster blog about what Google looks for in deciding whether or not a site, and the content it provides, is high quality. This is becoming an increasingly important issue for Google, and for those who want their content to perform well in Google search results. Links to […]

Google says to politicians: get on Twitter

21 March 2011 , , ,
When the public is searching for information about prominent politicians online, one of the most common things looked for is their Twitter account – so says the data from search engine giant Google. Chances are you’ve noticed that as you start typing a search term into Google’s search box, it tries to guess what you [...]
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Five stories you shouldn't miss: email on steroids, cheaper holiday money, new ways of seeing movies and more

16 March 2011 ,
Cross-posted from the MHP Communications blog, my monthly round-up of five stories to read: Welcome to the latest monthly collection of 5 weblinks that you shouldn’t miss, put together by the Digital Leadership Group at Engine. Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions this month. Rapportive: integrating social media with email Integrating information from different social […]

Map error causes military invasion

15 November 2010 , , ,
No, this isn’t a plot from a political satire but it’s a bona fide news story: An error on Google Maps has caused an international conflict in Central America. A Nicaraguan military commander, relying on Google Maps, moved troops into an area near San Juan Lake along the border between his country and Costa Rica.* [...]

How the internet is changing: the tale from Pagerank 10 sites

24 August 2010 ,
The internet has changed in many ways over the last six years, broadening its international reach and with a far more diverse range of uses. That change is neatly illustrated by comparing the select list of sites that had a Google Pagerank* of 10 back in 2004 and those that do now. Here’s the 2004 […]

Eric Schmidt: a Donald Rumsfeld for our times

19 August 2010 , ,
Donald Rumsfeld is a clever man. His actions have frequently been highly controversial. And he often came up with phrases that were both barmy and yet had some sense hidden inside them. Google boss Eric Schmidt increasingly reminds me of Rumsfeld. Also smart. Also controversial. And he says things such as: He predicts, apparently seriously, […]

Worth a second outing: Can Google’s dominance be broken?

23 July 2010 , , ,
Welcome to a series where old posts are revived for a second outing for reasons such as their subject has become topical again, they have aged well but were first posted when the site’s readership was only a tenth or less of what it is currently or they got published and the site crashed, hiding [...]