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Eric Schmidt: a Donald Rumsfeld for our times

Donald Rumsfeld is a clever man. His actions have frequently been highly controversial. And he often came up with phrases that were both barmy and yet had some sense hidden inside them. Google boss Eric Schmidt increasingly reminds me of Rumsfeld. Also smart. Also controversial. And he says things such as: He predicts, apparently seriously, … Read the full post »


How social networking should work

Excellent presentation from Google’s Paul Adams about how people want social networks to behave, and in particular how we want to provide different information (and behave differently) with different groups of friends. He slightly overstates the case about existing tools not letting you do this (Facebook lets you group friends for example) but the core … Read the full post »


What does Google think you are interested in?

Google (and advertisers who use Google) can target adverts at you based on what content you’ve looked at online. It’s done via a cookie – a small file placed on your computer – that then lets Google record the sorts of sites you visit. Google has various privacy and security rules in place (e.g. it … Read the full post »

Lib Dem Voice

Is this a Google Street View first?

Take a look at this. To you it may be a smudge, but to the eagled-eyed politico it’s Google Street View showing a political campaign poster (for the Burnley Liberal Democrats’ campaign to save the local hospital). Is this the first time a political campaign poster has been caught on Google Street View? … Read the full post »