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How social networking should work

16 July 2010 , , ,
Excellent presentation from Google’s Paul Adams about how people want social networks to behave, and in particular how we want to provide different information (and behave differently) with different groups of friends. He slightly overstates the case about existing tools not letting you do this (Facebook lets you group friends for example) but the core […]

What does Google think you are interested in?

3 April 2010
Google (and advertisers who use Google) can target adverts at you based on what content you’ve looked at online. It’s done via a cookie – a small file placed on your computer – that then lets Google record the sorts of sites you visit. Google has various privacy and security rules in place (e.g. it […]

Is this a Google Street View first?

11 March 2010 , ,
Take a look at this. To you it may be a smudge, but to the eagled-eyed politico it’s Google Street View showing a political campaign poster (for the Burnley Liberal Democrats’ campaign to save the local hospital). Is this the first time a political campaign poster has been caught on Google Street View?

What happens if you fail to include an imprint in an online advert?

11 March 2010 , ,
There isn't space on a Google Adwords advert to put in an election imprint. So what happens if you run the adverts without an imprint? A case in Florida has put this to the test.

Digital Economy Bill: Parliamentarians reply to prospective candidates

Yesterday we covered an open letter from 25+ Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary candidates (and see also this comment from ex-MP Richard Allan), expressing concerns over the line the party had taken in the House of Lords on a key part of the Digital Economy Bill. The party’s DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sport) team [...]


3 March 2010
So far, it would appear I’m the only person in the world to have used the word “imagulator” (update: online that is – see comments), save for a couple of hardy souls who replied to a tweet of mine on the subject. Which all makes how Google sorts the search results for this word rather […]

Book review: learning from the Obama and McCain online advertising campaigns

Campaign ’08: A Turning Point For Digital Media is a slim volume by Kate Kaye, senior news editor at ClickZ, taking an in-depth look at the online advertising used in the 2008 Presidential contest for the primaries and then the general election. Though the book touches on other aspects of internet campaigning, what makes it stand [...]

Google Buzz: what's the story?

19 February 2010 , ,
Cross-posted from the Mandate blog: For this week’s PR Week podcast, I was interviewed about the launch of Google Buzz and its implications for privacy and for those working in PR: These issues also get a further airing in PR Week’s story, Tech Giant Google Backtracks Over Concerns With Google Buzz Privacy Settings which says in […]

Google Buzz irony corner: perhaps it should have been Beta?

15 February 2010 ,
Google has set a trend in labelling products “Beta” and then leaving them largely unchanged for long periods of time because actually they’ve been good enough to use and often better than ‘finished’ alternatives from rivals. Ironic really then that Buzz was rolled out without a “Beta” fanfare, as if it was a finished product. […]

Google Buzz: what is the implication for PR and journalists?

10 February 2010 , , ,
Cross-posted from the Mandate blog: Google has just launched a new social networking service and unsurprisingly the blogs are, ahem, buzzing with discussion. If you’ve not yet seen it yourself, this video is an excellent quick introduction: Based on what has been seen so far, it looks like Google Buzz’s biggest strength will also be […]