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Two weeks, two major achievements for the Liberal Democrats in government

Last week the Green Investment Bank made its first loans, as Nick Clegg mentioned yesterday, and this week the Protection of Freedoms Bill received Royal Assent and became an Act, as Tom Brake wrote about on this site. The Protection of Freedoms Act includes the banning of rogue private wheel clampers, who are so unpopular [...]
Terraced housing. Photo courtesy of mancity, some rights reserved -

Housing: six things that could be done

As Tim Leunig pointed out last week, housing plays an important role in most people’s concept of social mobility, a point highlighted in Stephen Gilbert’s piece over the summer recounting his own personal circumstances: Last year I was probably the only MP to be elected while still living with my parents. Of course, I’d moved [...]

Praise for Green Investment Bank plans

28 May 2011 , , ,
Sage Construction reports: The Green Investment Bank is set to be a “transformational institution”, Transform UK ["the home of the Green Investment Bank campaign"] has claimed. Following deputy prime minister Nick Clegg’s recent speech on the establishment, programme director for Transform UK Ed Matthew welcomed the news that investment opportunities will be open from April [...]

The Budget: the Liberal Democrat influence

Earlier today the Liberal Democrat Press Office’s Phil Reilly tweeted, “Income Tax cut – from the front page of the @libdems manifesto to the pockets of 25m taxpayers”. Certainly better to pick from the front page than the back page, as announcing a barcode would have been lacking a little in interest (except, perhaps, to [...]

Green Investment Bank: Osborne goes missing

22 February 2011 , , ,
The Financial Times has been reporting this week again about the ongoing vigorous debate within government over the forthcoming Green Investment Bank and how much power it will have: Nick Clegg is now the main driving force of the government’s “green investment bank” amid a Whitehall struggle over how precisely the new entity will function… [...]

Green Investment Bank: the debate in government continues

A quick update to my previous post about the Green Investment Bank, where I wrote: Largely unreported there has been a heavy debate over whether the Green Investment Bank will in effect simply by a pot for government grants or whether it will have the ability to operate much like a traditional bank. The more [...]

Nick Clegg, economic growth and the Green Investment Bank

In a speech yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg outlined the government’s four-pronged approach to economic growth, setting out the measures that are being taken whilst also admitting that no government has an effective magic lever it can pull to guarantee growth. The four prongs are a switch from deficit-fuelled growth to investment-fuelled growth, developing [...]