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The Health and Social Care Bill: what has the Liberal Democrat conference decided?

This morning’s debate saw a close vote (314-270*) to delete part of a motion that called on Liberal Democrat peers to support the Third Reading of the Health and Social Care Bill. The rest of the motion, with that part removed, was then easily passed. Other parts of the motion “supports the Liberal Democrat team […]

Health Bill debate at conference: live blog

Welcome to our live blog. Updates added at the foot. No, the packed hall isn’t here to see my questions to the reports of the Parliamentary Parties (shocking, I know). It’s people filling up the hall early ahead of the big debate of conference: the NHS. First up, moving the motion is Judith Jolly: “No [...]

What will actually happen if the NHS Bill is dropped?

9 March 2012 ,
A question, as I have been struggling to find good, convincing answers to what seems to me a key factor facing Liberal Democrat conference representatives. What will actually happen if the Health and Social Care Bill is dropped? Sure, there’ll be a nice simple political message if the Bill is dropped as a result of […]