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Ed Davey condems Tory alliance with “extreme right wingers and homophobes”

A follow-up to Wednesday’s post about the Conservative MEPs’ alliance with Valdemar Tomaševski, a homophobic Lithuanian MEP, with Ed Davey now commenting: This is yet more evidence of the shameful way that Cameron has taken the Tories out of the centre-right mainstream of European politics, and allied them with a lunatic fringe of extreme right wingers [...]

The curious case of Iain Dale, the Daily Mail and the missing comments

Today’s Ephriam Hardcastle column in the Daily Mail made the sort of snide unpleasant comments about Iain Dale that you expect of homophobes. It’s generated a lot of hostile comment around the internet, including this post from Stephen Glenn, people being encouraged by Kate Bevan via Twitter to complain to the Press Complaints Commission and […]

David Cameron’s European ally supports “deeply homophobic legislation”

Liberal Conspiracy has the story: Despite the persistent criticism that it has allied itself with extremists, David Cameron’s Conservative Party now sits in the European Parliament with the European Reformists and Conservatives group (ECR), led by Poland’s Michal Kaminski – a man allegedly with a racist and homophobic past. But so far it has gone unreported that [...]

Homophobia amongst North Norfolk’s Tories?

3 December 2006 , ,
It looks as if during the selection of the Conservative candidate for North Norfolk, one of their members got up and asked this question: “Could we be assured that neither of the candidates is a homosexual?” I have no idea which of the candidates this question was aimed at or whether it is true (and couldn’t […]

Stephen Williams goes on YouTube

20 November 2006 ,
As part of the third annual Anti-Bullying Week, Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams has done a clip for YouTube about the problems of homophobic bullying: Video also available on YouTube here. To sign the petition, add your comments or share your experiences, visit the Lib Dem campaign at: