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Internet piracy: what’s a filmmaker to do?

12 June 2012 ,
Techcrunch has a fascinating interview with Tom Lowe, who responded to discovering his film being pirated with a polite request rather than with legal action: TC: What do you feel about piracy in general? Do you see it as a hindrance to art? Tom: I just see piracy as a reality. I don’t really see […]
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Music revenues up as industry re-discovers that people will pay for convenient services

1 April 2012
Gizmodo brings the news: New industry figures for 2011 say revenue from digital music surged by 25 per cent to £286 million, offsetting an £87 million drop in CD sales. As an extra economic boost, we’re turning away from glossy foreign music imports and buying more from British artists, who now account for 53 per […]

How to slash the financial cost of illegal downloading

20 December 2010
Simple: progress from headline to paragraph nine, and the claimed loss from illegal downloading shrinks to a mere fifth of the original figure. If only all such numbers were so easy to slash hey? Hat-tip: @nevali

Music revenue figures show industry outperforming economy despite online piracy

22 August 2010 , ,
The UK music industry’s revenues declined by less than 1% in the last year, a smaller drop than in previous years and a change that looks particular good given the economy overall was in sharp recession at the same time. These figures are likely to reinforce the views of critics of the Digital Economy Act [...]

A welcome music industry response to piracy

28 June 2010
Now this is a much better idea than many we’ve seen: rather than simply berate people for using songs illegally, make it easier for people to pay and use songs legally.

Why doesn't Lord Mandelson want toner seized from library photocopiers?

22 December 2009 ,
There are two major problems with Lord Mandelson’s desire to crack down on illegal file-sharing by using an awful lot of stick and no carrot. First, it means he’s come up with proposals that avoid the boring old-fashioned stuff like innocent until proven guilty and no punishment without a fair process. Second, though, it also […]

Where the campaign against Peter Mandelson has got it wrong

10 November 2009 , ,
I support the campaign by the Open Rights Group and others against Peter Mandelson’s proposed crackdown on illegal file-sharing. (You can support the campaign yourself here.) But in agreeing to call the proposals “three strikes and you’re out”, I think the campaign has ceded an important advantage to Peter Mandelson & co. That is because, taken on […]

Illegal file-sharing: what does the public think?

27 October 2009 , ,
The latest Ofcom survey of internet users in the UK shows that less than half believes downloading shared copies of copyright music and films should be illegal. 42% say it should be illegal, against 33% who believe it shouldn’t be illegal and 25% who don’t know. I’m not aware of comparable figures for other laws, but [...]

“We can’t turn back the tide of internet piracy, says TV boss”

19 October 2009 , , , ,
Interesting news from The Herald: Internet piracy is merely demand where appropriate supply does not exist, people will never go back to buying music legally, and protecting information online will only destroy businesses, according to a provocative essay set to appear on a Scottish Government-funded website tomorrow. Written by Alice Taylor, commissioning editor for education at Channel [...]

Battle for future of books hots up as Kindle goes international

16 October 2009 , , , ,
Both Amazon and Google have unveiled major developments in their plans to dominate the future of e-books. These moves will not only see the two internet giants compete head-to-head but will also see the traditional book publishing industry and authors face the dilemma of whether to see these developments as a welcome new outlet for […]